Solitaire with a Twist

This is solitaire with a twist, it takes you to different golf courses and your stay on par by removing most cards from your hand. The card removal also has a twist, you can play one card up or one card down from your draw pile. The most lovable part are Fairway commentators who cheer and jeer you through your game with puns and wise cracks that’ll have you chuckling through each challenge. Beautiful hand painted backgrounds in relaxing settings all in beautiful graphics gets you top of your game to take on the challenges of Course Hazards and gopher mini-games.

Features : 

Over 650 courses, 3 game modes: Main, Daily, and Bonus, Daily Course mode features special themes and Course Rewards, Play as long as you like; no lives to limit your game play.

Stamps collections are hand drawn and reward you when you collect a set of four, Fun Events happening everyday including Treasure Hunt, Pro Stars, Crazy Cups, Earn Trophies with rewards when you complete a Trophy challenge. Challenge yourself by playing through hazards such as Sun Glare, Deep Rough, and even Rain, Tours are special challenges just for YOU! Global Tours are challenges for everyone, and both offer even more ways to earn rewards. Fun mini-games like McDinko, Wild Shot, Long Drive Contest, Gopher Derby,Thoughtfully designed for easy game play 

News hub tells you what’s happening for Events, Tours, Global Tours, Daily Challenges, Bonus courses and More, Special Golf Bag holds your wild cards in the form of Midas Clubs and card replacements in the form of numbered Clubs. Great Shot meter tells you how many cards to play in a streak to get bonus cards and rewards, Power Up your strategy for your next move! Use Preview to see your next 5 playable cards and Shuffle to mix up the cards on your board, The Eraser allows you to replay a course hole to improve your course score.

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