With 50 million downloads, Gun is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience, which has most popular guns/weapons and their information, including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives. Tap the screen or shake to fire, tap menu for settings. 


Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper
 A real “winter wonderland” can begin.

 These lovely snowfall “wallpapers and backgrounds” will cover your screen in white while the flickering Christmas tree will give it a magical touch. This free xmas app is also a perfect pastime for New Year because Christmas countdown live wallpaper 2016 will bring you lots of good mood and joy for the upcoming holidays. With Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper you’ll have some of the best free “snowfall wallpapers” with images of Santa and snowman on your mobile phone display. Winter nights will be more beautiful with delicate snowflakes falling down your screen and Christmas lights illuminating it. Merry Christmas and “Happy New Year” 2017. Add Christmas ringtones, Christmas keyboard themes and widgets and you’re ready for the most exciting winter holiday. With snow live wallpapers for Android devices, lay back, and enjoy sending Christmas cards with wishes and greetings to your loved ones and share this beautiful xmas wallpaper with all your friends. 

Installation instructions for Android:

Home ➤ Menu ➤Wallpapers ➤ Live Wallpapers

Red Bull Air Race 2


The moment you start this game you will fall in love with it! Amazing graphics and a soundtrack for  adrenaline fueled jetride.controls are easy and and the race is on.

Red Bull Air Race 2 the sequel to the acclaimed air racing game features the world’s best pilots in a motorsports competition based on speed, precision and skill – it’s the ultimate motorsport series in the sky, Quickly progress from Challenger Pilot to the Master Class. Compete across 400+ races, special competitive events, and go head to head with real Red Bull Air Race 

Race to win in three types of tournaments and leaderboards – show off your flying speed and precision skills to the world.

 Exclusive Regional Tournaments, open to specially selected regions. Keep checking back for one in your area.

 Race anytime in Worldwide Virtual Tournaments, there’s always a tournament running – see how you compare against other top-notch pilots worldwide. Class Tournaments are open to specific class or model of plane, an even playing field only your flight performance will take you to the podium. 

Claim victory with the help of your customizable team, Each team member has unique skills and expertise to help you fly the finish line faster.

Upgrade your plane in the hangar and tune each part to increase your speed and precision as it fits your skills – you are in control of the action. Choose from over 30 custom paint jobs.

Race in real Red Bull Air Race venues all over the world: Indianapolis, Lausitzring, Chiba, Budapest, Ascot, Spielberg, Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi…Experience the established race locations and stunning vistas in the high speed flight of your life. 



Google Play Install

This is one game where you need to understand the laws of physics to kill your opponent. The arrow goes according to angle and force. Insane characters and difficult to strike the target might keep you hooked on.

Game features : 30 Insane characters from all dimensions for free. 31 different weapons for total mayhem, awesome fatalities with rag-doll physics. Grab your mates and show them what you’re worth. Multiple game mode, Shoоt birds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money for that. 


One the most badly designed games I have seen in recent times. Try it only you want to play very long as the developer promises that the experience enhances after certain time. The controls are bad and there is nothing realistic in the game.

Features : RC cars such as Buggies, Monster Trucks, and Race Cars, Pursue your rivals at high speed, Shoot at your rivals with a variety of items, Use unique cars to show off your skills, Reach the top in diverse game modes. Real time multiplayer competition against random opponents, from World Grand Prix to Restricted, Survive competition. Create your own cool RC car with paints and skins, Upgrade materials to improve the performance of your RC car, Share your customized RC car on social media.

Dimension Painter-Free

Google Play Install

If you like puzzles, you can have a look at this game. Nothing special but you can play it once, the dimension pencil to escape the maze and save the Gnome Planet from disaster. Through the map editor, you can create and share your own stages. Make your own game using various traps and blocks and compete with others. To play the game, you need an internet connection. You can purchase dimension crystals by in-app purchase. The paid version does not contain ads. Plus, you start the game with more dimension crystals. The free version contains ads, but ads are removed upon any purchase.

 Features: 6 regions, total 129 stages are provided. You can make and share your own game with map editor. Gather dimension crystals and raise a tier, you can create completely new maps. You can record your play and share it, Show off with your own walk through. You can also communicate freely with other users through the in-game community. Traps, blocks, and skins will be continuously added. Solve the puzzle with unique characters, Sometimes you may need to rely on your reactions over your brain, A console game’s feeling on your mobile device.

Running Dog: The Champion

Google Play Install

Play with cute puppies and guide them through the obstacles to reach bones and ultimately to their home. Finalist in Indie game 2016, the game is fun to play and has funny music with even funnier voice overs especially when the girl says “Game over”. Beautifully designed and simple to play.Adopt puppies as many as you can and compare and compete with people in the world, whether who has more puppies and runs far-far away. Your puppy will be running with a lot of excitement as you touch the screen. They cannot run backwards and move left or right, but can only run forward.

 Touch the screen to run your puppy but if you are pressing the screen longer, the puppy runs faster and if you take your finger off the screen, the puppy stops. if you meet obstacles, stop for second and wait for the timing, if small and cute puppies are hit by obstacles, they will get hurt. So, try not to be hit by obstacles while puppies are running.

Mindless Shooting Game

Google Play Install

If you like to go on a killing spree to clear the scum of earth this game is for you. Mindless and unending shooting which is addictive in the beginning but unless you have insatiable lust for blood it can’t hold you long. Good for teenagers and to vent out the anger.

Gameplay is easy just tap and kill the enemies on screen before they attack you. The more enemies you can take down consecutively without making shooting failures, the more consecutive kill combos you can stack for bonus points. Shooting an innocent citizen results in penalties, so beware. Recreate quick, stylish dual gun actions you enjoyed in movies with simple tap controls! The game supports dual tap controls, so you can simultaneously fire from both hands, and you can also swipe the screen left or right to attack all enemies on each side with skill attacks. Tap and hold on your character to activate Bullet Time. When Bullet Time is on, time slows down for you to take down enemies with ease, and you can also gain bonus points. After Bullet Time ends, a flashy camera shot and replay is shown to accentuate stylish gunfire scenes to the limit. You can compete with players worldwide via the Ranking Mode! Additionally, login with Facebook to activate the rankings of your friends and engage in friendly competition. Upgrade character powers and weapons with the gold you gained from gameplay. You can upgrade numerous stats such as Power, Life, Bullet Time Count, Miss Shot Cover.

Jungle Motocross Kids Racing

Google Play

No crash, no accidents, just ride on. This is only for kids but very addictive! Be ready to drive in a dangerous Jungle Motocross rally listening to amazing jungle soundtrack, pick your favorite motorcycle from 4 given ones: The Hawk motorbike, Rush motorcycle, Green Devil and Chilli Devil motor rally cycles. Prepare for high speed race, compete with other motorcycle racers, jump through the burning ring of fire, do extreme stunts, dangerous backflips and frontflips and ride on an swampy mud track. If you are an adventure seeker, then this dangerous racing game is right for you. Race and unlock new cool cars and motorcycles. Enjoy intuitive and easy game control: click GO button to drive forward and arrows to maintain motorbike balance while you race. Play this jungle motorcycle race game and develop skills such as problem solving, quick decision making, creativity and flexible thinking, fine-motor and working-memory skills, self-control and hand-eye coordination. 

Kids Coloring Book

Google Play

Kids coloring book is fun coloring book for kids. Painting game for kids is fun learning helps kids learn alphabets, animals, fruits, flowers, vegetables, vehicles etc. App is loaded with 190+ coloring pages that can keep your kid busy for hours and make the learn.


  1. Alphabets

  2. Vehicles

  3. Animals

  4. Fruits

  5. Vegetables

  6. Flowers

Key Features: Bucket full a region, Draw with a pencil and eraser, Undo redo your last color action, Save coloring pages, Clear coloring area, Change pencil size, Over 80 colors to choose from to color the coloring pages