Top 3 Apps for Musical Instruments 

1.Piano +

The App is simple and effortlessly you can play the Piano. Not only you can learn the piano you can right away start playing it and at any speed. It has 128 musical MIDI instruments, 12 studio quality sampled voices and more than 50,000 songs (most of them are not free). The App lets you learn or play as you like and there are no forced instructions.

2. Violin : Magical Bow

You feel you are really playing a violin! It will take you couple of minutes to learn the instructions and then the music starts to flow. It helps you to learn the violin and play songs with a simulated bow on the screen. You can Choose to play on your own or a song from library with prompt notes. It lets you record your songs and there are daily challenges to get extra points. Choose between viola or cello and have fun.

3. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

You have a band of your own on the phone! The App is a toolkit of virtual musical instruments with piano, guitar, drum kit,drum machine, bass,multitrack synthesizer and more. All the instruments use realistic instrument sounds. Add guitar and drum beats to your piano melody or mix whatever you like. External MIDI keyboard over USB is supported. You can also connect your yamaha or Roland keyboard with the App. Now play music anywhere on your phone.

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21 thoughts on “Top 3 Apps for Musical Instruments ”

    1. Fl Studio Forsure over any other app you may find on the play store.
      All the other apps are Barely Ok at best. In most cases an app will do fine at one area or simple task while the rest of everything is just useless and doesnt even work or are missing key parts necessary for even the most haggard “acception” of what some will call a Daw or “Multitrack recorder”.

      Remember, When it comes to buying or deciding on music gear or instruments or software, its worth it to spend a lil more cash for a quality product that not only could help you improve and either better the sound you produce/record or possibly help simplify certain steps needed for quality work or combine options not considered due to being hindered by getting stuck with such an inferior waste and disgrace to what some sadly call a Daw or Music Recording app. Especially when it could possibly benefit your future in music or better your performance.
      Just my opinion but fuck it. What do I know

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      1. I have done couple of apps for baby sleep,just search for term baby in my blog,I will do 5 best for baby,please write what more things should I include in 5 best apps,thanks


  1. My sister has the piano app and how I get irritated when she plays with it… I keep asking her, why don’t you just play the real piano. There’s a piano in the house…. a very big one…

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