Real Racing 3

One more app of 100 million downloads club. The game and app is amazing. This can be called pure art of digital world. The graphics are amazing. The app is real racing on tracks which happens to be in different parts of world. Initially you might have difficulty in controlling the car but there are different settings and you can try each one to see which one suits you. Simple game of racing were in you get points on winning and the better you control your car the better the rewards are and less the expenses on servicing. Here too you start with a small car unless you pay money for some fancy muscles. Lot of camera angles and you can watch replay or take shot after the race. Here you get to race with real people so Internet has to be on and the you need to have 1.5 GB free on your device to enjoy it. Just go for it,nothing better than burning rubber on track!

Drag Racing 

I wanted to see what the 100 million download game looks like on Google play,it was boring. I love drag racing but the action is not of my taste here. You feel you are sitting in the stand and controlling the car. The camera and the ever changing graphics have a rush of its own. Drag racing is all about skills and to find the right balance between power and grip. You start here with a small car and then raise yourself to better ones but it becomes a drag unless you are ready to pay the developers and get a new shiny car of your choice from the big range of beautiful muscle cars. They do have a big collection of that but alas it costs money which I don’t have! The graphics are good but static and the music is not so great. I was disappointed with it. The only good thing is that if you can 5 times your prize money with watching videos of advertisements. I can’t recommend it unless you have money to spend and straight away get in bigger league and then it can be fun. The roar of engine is always intoxicating. 

8 Ball Pool

​I always knew about the pool game but never got a chance to play and understand it. Today while searching for 100 million download games on Google play I learned about it and now am hooked to it. You will too once you learn it as I am still doing it.In the United States, the most commonly played game is eight-ball. The goal of eight-ball, which is played with a full rack of fifteen balls and the cue ball, is to claim a suit (commonly stripes or solids in the US, and reds or yellows in the UK), pocket all of them, then legally pocket the 8 ball, while denying one’s opponent opportunities to do the same with their suit, and without sinking the 8 ball early by accident. In the United Kingdom the game is commonly played in pubs, and it is competitively played in leagues on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s alost same here just that your opponent could be anywhere from world and it’s fun. You get a limited time so you need to be engrossed in the game. The graphics are good and you will enjoy the sound of ball being hit. With practice you can play it well but it will take you sometime and for that there’s an offline mode for that. For those who know about 8 ball pool it’s nothing but new players will be hooked to it as it is something new. They also have website where you can learn how to play and know the rules of it. Now I know why they had 100 million people playing here. Play it’s fun.

Autoportal – Best Cars App

The app is for my Indian friends. With more than billion of us cars too are being in sold and manufactured in millions. This app helps in finding new car and every aspect related to it be it deals,color, insurance,comparison almost everything. The app is simple and you can easily choose the manufacturer and the make of your desired car and compare it with 3 others of your choice. Once you find your car you can see its different color,almost all have 360° view (except in some luxury ones),the interior simulation is nice touch. It also boasts of car sound but I was not able to hear as that function doesn’t work. You can also sell your old car and get a deal for it and evaluation by the developers,it also has sections of reviews and news of cars. The app is comprehensive and can be helpful in finding a car and related things with it. I liked it.

Wikia: No Man’s Sky

This is for all the fans of great game No Man’s Sky. I have never played it but I liked the concept of the game where in you Explore the universe,managing your resources. This is kind of a guide cum discussion board with up to date real time information by vast fan followers. It’s created by fans for fans to discuss the game. It is useful if you are a new or old player as you can discuss here strategies and game plan,search for articles, videos,vote for the hot trending topics and more. It is kind of encyclopedia for fans to hone your skills in game. I did read lot of reviews and thought of sharing about this app for my fan friends. The app has simple layout.Happy gaming! 

Talking Donald Donkey 

I thought this would be a fun game for kids but it’s neither for kids nor for adults. The game has surprises but it tends to get boring. There are lot of activities that you can do with donkey like kick a ball, make sounds,read a joke (some jokes are for adults) but it does no anywhere. The kids can learn from art section and number games but they can also see a donkey getting drunk and singing. So don’t know if I can recommend but if you have nothing else to do in world and you want to just check some crazy stuff check this out.

Fast like a Fox

​This is a beautiful game with ano option of different control.Fast like a Fox uses your device’s internal sensors to detect movement. You will have to learn the tapping technique to have the best precision.The story goes like, treasures of the Golden Fox tribe have been stolen by mysterious minions and you are chosen to return them to their rightful owners. Control the Fox by tapping the back of your device or the screen and dash through exciting and challenging worlds. Rush your way through cloud temple, snowcovered valleys, mountain tops, caves, subways and city highways. Find all coins, emeralds and diamonds while breaking time records to get the best score. Those who have the skill and reflexes will beat the challenging Final Run and unlock a secret character with special power.  It’s all about learning  to control your fingers and be Fast like a Fox.If you feel that the Fox does not run properly, try to tap at different spots or turn the device the other way around, for example on tablet devices. Cases may affect the playability. The music is good and the game is addictive. Try it.

Toilet and Bathroom Rush

Welcome to the world of crazy apps. Toilet and bathroom rush is a free game to be played while tending to serious business.  The game can be disgusting if you’re not sitting on the hot seat. It has small games like cleaning the toilet,rolling the tissue,flicking your phone away while it is falling in the pan,swatting the cockroach and other disgusting stuffs. It’s crazy but with 10 million download I guess there are enough people who might actually like the idea. If you want have a look but only when you are doing it.

Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

The app helps you in knowing about detox and how to do it at home. App is very simple it has 10 chapters starting with what detox means to ultimately how it can be done. It is comprehensive guide about everything related to detox,it even teaches you how to pass drug test. It deals with all the problems of digestive system,skin and how to clean it all. It tells you about toxins,fat,food and lot of other related stuff. You can learn how to make homemade

pack for safely getting a better body and mind at home with ease. The app is good in sense that it does not promote any brand or any way,it doesn’t ask you for money just teaches you about detox. Try it.

Milk The Cow

I guess  the developer got bored and tried to play a prank on all of us but I did like the idea and downloaded the app just for fun so did 5 million others!

The idea is how fast can you milk a cow and compete with your friends because supposedly the cows will be motivated to give more milk. My score was 32 seconds and I actually developed a better way of milking. It is pointless yet funny in some way. How often do you come up with an idea like that? You can laugh a bit with this app.