This is one of the most unique marketplace on net to buy handmade customized things. The idea is to connect,make,sell and buy things all around the world and reimagine commerce in ways that builds a more fulfilling and lasting world. Here you can find new favourite,gift ideas and buy unique things from around the world all on your phone. The App is simple to use and you can save items and shops as favorites, create and manage lists,get notified of an order being shipped, see trending items and lots more. With more than 10 million downloads and being an editor’s pick in Google play it sure is a growing community. The App supports English, dutch, Italian, German, french and spanish. You can also choose your currency and it has lot of ways for payment. 

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

14 thoughts on “Etsy”

      1. Good question. I’m always trying to think of apps that would make my life easier.

        In so far as app reviews. It seems like you have done a lot – it’s impressive.

        Maybe an Instagram photo editing app review if you haven’t done that yet?

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  1. The site is great alright but I had a bad experience with buying a ‘custom made’ pillow that was made very sloppy. The seller refused the return so I had to ‘eat’ it. Ended up tossing. Never again. A lesson learned, custom made doesn’t necessarily imply high quality. Oh well.

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