– live video streaming

 The famous App for Android is out and within one month has more than a million download. The App helps in live video streaming created by The App is very easy to use and with it you can broadcast live videos to your fan and friends. The community is a big one and growing very fast so you can make lot of fans and engage with them in real time.

Top 3 Apps for Baby Monitor 

1.Baby Monitor 

The App requires two phone and helps you to detect if baby cries and notifies you via regular call,Skype or sms message. The App has no ads,you can add multiple contacts or call or sms,continuous monitoring even when the screen is off,call or message when the battery is low. It does not require WiFi or mobile data if not using Skype. 

2.Baby Monitor 

The baby monitor allows you to hear and view your baby from anywhere with Internet connection. The main features are continuous audio and video from baby to parents,adjustable audio volume and microphone setting, notification on loud audio,works with WiFi,3G,LTE,GPRS etc,battery charge indicator. 

3.Baby Monitor AV

This App works on almost all operating systems,helps you to monitor baby’s behavior using phone/pad or any computer. The app detects devices on your WiFi network and will find each other and can connect upto 4 devices. The app is ad free but the upgraded version costs money. 

Baby Monitor Hipbaby


Framy is the App which takes you one step closer to Virtual Reality. It helps you in making your own videos with the help of its 3D Augmented reality  (AR) technology. The idea is that you only need to bring or dream of an idea and the App helps you in making a video out of it. It has dynamic graphics, sounds, SFX,characters,emotes and more just a tap away. You can create 360 degrees panorama and use it in your videos. Just point and drop objects in 3D scene or edit it on your smart device. Framy has a large community were you get to see lot of different videos and get inspiration. You can follow them and show them your own creation. You can design your own custom made characters for shooting real facial expressions. You can also share it on different social media platforms. This App is really fun and worthy of its place in editor’s choice on Google Play.