Universal Copy

The App does amazing work of copying the text from almost all places where your normal long press does not work. You can copy text from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, News Republic and many more places. It’s simple to use after installing,activate the universal copy accessibility by going to settings and then accessibility, now go to any app you want to copy text from,open the notification drawer activate universal copy and tap the text you want to copy,it will be highlighted in blue. You might need to change some settings in your Samsung phone. The tapping might take some practice but the App works fine.

Flynx – Read the Web smartly

Featured as one of the essential Apps on Google play,it really packs lot of features. The app helps you to open links and articles from your app without leaving them. It loads the article in background while you’re doing your work and the quick read mode only downloads the relevant material without the advertisement. This helps you to save time and data because it gets rid of clutter and ads. You can save the article for offline viewing just by double tap. App opens multiple links and you can switch between them easily and can share the links too. App supports 15 languages. 


The App offers a different way of reading notifications and also to reply them. The App is helpful when you don’t want to close the work you are doing but still want to quickly reply to a message in notification. It helps you by receiving the notification and opening it in a small bubble. You can open the pop up bubble and reply to messages without quitting the current App. It supports almost all important Apps like WhatsApp,Telegram, Line,Skype, Gmail,Google Messenger, Facebook and many more. Custom colors and bubble size can be purchased if you want changes.