minube:travel planner & guide 

For three years in a row holding the position of Google’s best 50 Apps of year and fourth year in having a place in editor’s choice minube has proved it’s point. minube is travel planning App and travel organizer that let’s you find vacation ideas, save favorite places in the list and create your own itinerary and tourist guide. You can also find interesting places in your own country and save the things you like for offline use. The App helps you even make an album after your trip is done with date and place recognition. It has lists like best places to eat,best castle,best places to visit before you die. Lot of recommendations from real travelers. You get to Choose places suggested by location,color, food,family,time,distance and much more. Great app to discover places even if you are not going for holiday. You will get lost in the app and it’s beautiful settings.  

Citymaps: Offline Map & Guides 

Lot of time,effort,imagination and practicality has been put into it. The best feature is the offline mode and so many things to look for here that even if you don’t go for holidays you can spend your time here on app and feel good about travelling.Citymaps is a map made for travelers. It is your travel guide and works free online and offline. It helps you decide where to sleep, what to see, where to eat, and what to do. It covers almost every country and city around the world. For each destination you get offline maps, offline routing, and offline city guides. With Citymaps, you canplan your trip,with tips from local experts,Save all the places you like or want to go in map!Get personalized suggestions. Book tickets, experiences and guided tours right from the app.your can share your experience with all your friends and on app for others. Try it it’s really good.