Top 3 Apps for Popsicle/Ice cream Stick Crafts 

Popsicle/ ice cream stick crafts application have been there in the realm of craft for a while because they are cheap, they are fun, and they provide choices are limited to what little imagination can create. These apps will give you the inspiration to make a popsicle stick crafts. These applications will provide you a gallery or ideas craft popsicle sticks, such as: home popsicle sticks, ice cream sticks craftwork, popsicle stick ornaments, colored popsicle sticks, and more. Popsicle stick houses are instant boredom buster. You can get inspired by a lot with photos shown here.  These Apps can be the best craft projects.

Simple, easy to navigate and nice quality of pictures. 


60 craft ideas.


Hardest Game Ever 2

If you want to feel like a kid play this game,it is fun and you will laugh. The game has a series of mini games that measures your reaction time to the milliseconds and pixels. The tasks include how fast you can tickle or slap or catch the eggs and many more silly things. You have to be really fast or you will lose,if you lose you can cheat and pass on to next level. The game is simple and is sure to pass your time well. It has 48 stages and multi language support. Music and sounds are are not annoying. 

Yes Or No

This is a game. You are asked a question and when you answer  (in yes or no) iI shows you a statistic for how many people said yes or no. Sometimes it does get really weird. Like I hate star war’s movie but most of the people in the world do,I shave my armpits but most of them don’t. One thing was common that most of us share the feeling of low self-esteem. It’s sure is an unusual and fun way to spend your free time. You can choose your preference and see how many people will do the same,you can also add your own questions and see what other people will answer. You are anonymous and app doesn’t keep record of personal question or answer. The game is nice to play and you’re get to bored you have some to spend time with.