Beneath The Lighthouse

It’s time to visit Grandpa, Beneath the lighthouse is a serene puzzle action game about a boy in search of his lost Grandpa. Your journey will take you through mysterious mechanical wheels that lay beneath the lighthouse. The game requires lot of skill in turning the wheel right so that the cute boy does not fall on spikes and be killed. Engrossing and lovable. Try solving the puzzle with speed of your fingers. 

Tales of Ailu 

Build your own tower against endless waves of enemies. Cute friends of Ailu with various abilities, Different towers with skills, 6 types of cute themes creating a world map, 100 types of stages, Numerous powerful monsters.

The absolute comrades to defend friends of Ailu. Acquire your own powerful tower heroes through tower level up and enhancement. Defend your towers with powerful tower heroes. Win battles against cruel monsters using great power and speed. Defend friends of Ailu using various types of towers. Strategically position your defense towers to stop and eliminate enemies.

Brain it on the Truck

This is a physics puzzles game. The goal of the game is simple – to move the green cube in the yellow area.To do this, you have a car, crayon and brains. Use them to perform the physics task. Just draw your decision. Draw as well as you do it crayon. Any design that you draw become physical objects that can interact to physical objects in the game. You can see all dots of your image thanks to a special display at the top left of the screen.There is no only one correct solution. Draw clamps, hooks and different physical designs. Your brains is the main key in this game. Brain it on the truck is like Crayon Physics meets Draw Something or Brain it on. For each level there is a help, but it is only in extreme cases. Try to find your own decision. Record videos and show your friends. Show how clever you are.

Diggy’s Adventure 

Join Diggy, Professor, Linda and Rusty on their journey, explore the world full of ancient civilizations and help them to solve mysteries. By digging through the mines you will acquire various items that can be used for replenishing their energy or crafting new items in his camp. You can also embellish your camps with beautiful decorations, items and other content. Craft new items or cook ingredients to help you dig and becoming the greatest adventurer in the world. Solve riddles and gain rewards, Gain rewards and experience points that improve rate of energy regeneration or maximum energy capacity by digging through the mines and fulfilling in-game quests assigned by Gods and other characters. You can also enjoy special events and offers, set camps into vivid themes or send gifts to other player. This award winning game will get you thinking.