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The Olympics-Official App 

The app provides all the information but it’s confusing at first. It will take you sometime to adjust. Once you know it then it’s becomes easier to understand and play around with. If you’re a serfs ports enthusiast then you may go for it,lot of information about the history,it’s museum and videos on YouTube is there. You can also book your tickets and be a part of action in lot of ways. The best part of the app is its beautiful gallery. The pictures are really good and you will enjoy them. The country wise section helps you track your favourite and know about it all. The app gives a bigger and larger picture of everything. Speed seeing gives you the result of what’s going on in a fast way,just click on side bar you will be able to get most of the information. If you’re looking for the reason behind everything the app is good for you but you will have to spend sometime mastering the app. I would give it a 3 star for its wholesome outlook.