Top 3 Apps for Baby Monitor 

1.Baby Monitor 

The App requires two phone and helps you to detect if baby cries and notifies you via regular call,Skype or sms message. The App has no ads,you can add multiple contacts or call or sms,continuous monitoring even when the screen is off,call or message when the battery is low. It does not require WiFi or mobile data if not using Skype. 

2.Baby Monitor 

The baby monitor allows you to hear and view your baby from anywhere with Internet connection. The main features are continuous audio and video from baby to parents,adjustable audio volume and microphone setting, notification on loud audio,works with WiFi,3G,LTE,GPRS etc,battery charge indicator. 

3.Baby Monitor AV

This App works on almost all operating systems,helps you to monitor baby’s behavior using phone/pad or any computer. The app detects devices on your WiFi network and will find each other and can connect upto 4 devices. The app is ad free but the upgraded version costs money. 

Baby Monitor Hipbaby

Top 5 Apps for Baby Sleep

5.Baby Sleep sounds FREE

The App simply plays the sound of washing machine, hair dryer, vaccum cleaner, rain,ocean waves,forest,birds,plane interior, heartbeat,car interior, train interior. The sounds are little loud for a baby.

4.Baby Dream box Sleeping Sound 

The App has simplified the sounds by categorizing the sounds into different categories  Household sounds(shower,vacuum cleaner etc.),nature sounds and Travelling sound,lullabies,colored noise. There’s also an option of recording your own sound. The free version has a welcome screen which unlocks after 4 seconds.

3.White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

The App also has all the sounds and the sound quality is little better than other Apps.

2.Baby Sleep Lullaby

The App has beautiful lullabies and it’s very soothing. You can choose the music,time,set volume and it is very simple to use. The quality of music is good.

1.Baby Sleep Instant 

The App takes in consideration that babies are used to hearing the sounds in womb are a little different so the sounds are adapted like that. The sound quality is very good and has all the sounds which babies like most or are used to hearing. You can also record your own lullabies or sound.

Top 5 Apps for Depression 

1.Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Managing of depression involves understanding depression and and the factors that lead to the symptoms. Learning to manage life stress and practicing self care behavior improves the symptoms and mood. The App contains depression severity test,audios,cognitive diary, articles and point system that will help you in overcoming depression. 

2.Free Your Mind Hypnosis 

The App has 11 subjects which it deals with but only one is free. It addresses your negative beliefs and helps you to connect your conscious to unconscious mind,the part which drives you behavior. It has good audio and pleasing visuals which will help you to relax and free your mind which ultimately will lead to a better life.

3.Fabulous – Motivate Me

The App makes a plan for you to have better life which involves simple tasks. It is a kind of integrated coaching which involves 7 minute work outs,zen and vipasana meditation ,happiness trainer,power nap sessions and much more. Good for mind and to deal with depression. 

4. DepressionAcupressure 

The App has a ten day program in which you watch the videos and do the massage on your own. Very simple App and nice small videos to locate the points for massage.

5.Depression Quote Wallpapers 

The App has wallpapers which reflects your broken emotions,assuring you that you are not alone in feeling lonely. There are plenty of quotes that speaks to your broken soul with powerful images.

Sweet Sleep for Relaxing Sleep 

A very simple App which lets you listen to relaxing music combined with natural sounds of birds,beach,ocean, stream etc. It has 26 songs of melody and music,30 types of natural sounds. Free version does not have lot of choice and the option of playing App in background while using the phone is not there. Controls are easy and Playlist options are simple so you can combine different melodies with different sounds easily. 

Baby Sleep Instant 

When the baby is too tired and unable to sleep low frequency sounds does help. It is what the babies hear in womb. The App helps in making the baby sleep by playing sounds like Shower,Washing Machine,Car,Hairdryer,Shush,Fan,Train,Heartbeat, Sea,Stream etc. You can adjust the timer and record your own lullabies. Keeping the phone not too close to baby and putting the phone on airplane made is recommended. I guess babies should have a taste of Apps early in this age!

Relaxing Spa Music

​The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also quite popular, and offer various personal care treatments. The music in the app is really good. It goes well with the meaning of spa. It will help you to relax and get out of stress. The music is of 8 different kinds like flute,birds around,blue sky etc. The layout is simple,just open the app and start playing,you can choose each music to play from 10 minutes to 24 hours. The only drawback is you can’t close the application and let the music play in background while you can do your work.

Relax Rain ~ Rain Sounds

The app is simple and the piano music is nice but I can’t say it has the effect of relaxation(didn’t help me). The thunders don’t go with my idea of relaxation. The layout is nice and easy to use,you can switch on or off any sound you want (rain,thunder,music). You can also individually increase or reduce the sound of any three. The sound of rain does have calming effect. The different types of music here are

-Rain in the forest

– Rain on the street

– Strong thunderstorm

– Thunders and music

– Rain in the park

– Bungalow in the forest

– Under the tree

– Thunderstorm in the countryside

– Rainy night with crickets

– Tropical storm

– Rain in the garden

– Thunderstorm

– Rain on the tin roof

– Under the umbrella

– Puddles in the countryside

– Rain against the window

– Hailstorm

– Water in the gutter

– Distant storm

– Light rain at night

– Home in the rainforest

– Light rain on the windshield

– Rain on leaves

– Light rain in the garden

– Heavy rain on the windshield

– Tent in the rain

– Dripping water

– Tent in the thunderstorm

– Wind and rain

– Inside the car

– Rain in the city

I liked the rain in the city and light rain in the garden. Indie developer trying to make some money,see if you like it.

Sleep as Android 

One of the best sleeping apps,it has lot of features like alarm clock with sleep tracking cycle,wakes you according to it. It can be used with Google wear and adjusts bulb control. It records your sleep deficit,deep sleep and snoring (makes a sound to stop snoring ).sleep talk recording,nature sound lullabies and much more.

Sleep is something which everyone takes seriously, this app will help. Go for it.

Self Healing 

 Self Healing App teaches the voice guided healing sessions, which supposedly helps to heal naturally from inside. Also it provide smoothing sounds, which calms your mind and helps to relax. Its teaches self healing by various scientific proven methods like
1. Prayers

2. Crystals Healing

3. Mantra Recitation

4. Deep Breathing

5. Aum Chanting

6. Meditations 

7. Touch Healing

The above 7 Self Healing Sessions are supposedly  prepared by professionals. In addition to the 7 sessions, they have introduction to Self Healing Session, which introduces you to the concept of Healing. Healing is a natural, scientific psychological and biological process, in which the mind and body repairs itself from inside. Self Healing App has the following features.
1) 8 Voice Guided Healing Sessions

2) 8 Healing Sounds

3) Works in offline mode

4) Repeat, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous Session

6) Facebook, Twitter, Email, Share feature

7) Set reminder for regular practice

8) It uses various techniques for healing like Music Therapy ,Crystals, Deep Breathing, Vibrations, Aura, etc.

The music in the app is not very good but the teaching methods do help and the reminder also works. I personally didn’t like it other than the healing with mantra music. 

Relax Meditation:Sleep Sounds 

It’s nice hear the soothing melodies lying on the bed,it really calms your nerves but I would love to use it while working too. The catch is you need to pay for it. The app let’s you mix and play the the birds with waterfall or anything you like. The advertising doesn’t disturb you much.nice melodies to choose from even in free section but only for sleeping!you have an option of timer which let’s you decide how long to play. I would give it a 3 star,if you like to relax with music you should go for it.