Learning Human Body for Kids

Did you know how your brain works and gives instructions to different parts of the body? Or how the blood flows through different parts in the body? Well you might have learnt it in your books but that is not enough because there is much more than a book can show in this latest educational game for kids. Learn about all the different parts of a human body in depth with a live animated fun video and easy example for it. Also learn to unknown details like the names of different blood vessels, Learn some interesting facts about each of the body parts and some spelling game and much more. The App takes the kids beyond the normal teaching of books in a simple way.

Pimple Remedies

The App has not much in it. It claims if you do these home remedies your pimples will go away in 7 days. I have put up the pictures here if you want to read what it says. Lot of advertising in the app. Check the pictures,if you still want you can have the app. Ladies do tell me if any of these remedies was of help.