Spaceship Battles

Take your place as the Top #1 ship designer of Spaceship Battles. It’s the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceship designer wanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter Spaceship Arena, an entertainment arena of the future, where only the best of the best rule. Competitive Multiplayer Game featuring layers of deep strategy and endlessly evolving game content.

Features :  Unique, never before seen gameplay, Dozens of spaceship blueprints to unlock and build, Masses of different modules to build with, space battles to validate your designs, Beat ships designed by other players to progress in ranks and leagues.

Beautiful music and graphics but nothing much to offer unless you are a big rocket enthusiasts. 

Firework Live Wallpapers for Festival

Fireworks Live Wallpaper is simple and colorful live wallpaper. This shoots off 23 different fireworks each of 8 different colors. This live wallpaper also supports many more options like, Show or hide the firework tails, Burst firework on top only, Number of fireworks every minute, Speed of fireworks, Size of firework, Choosing your favourite colors and lot’s more to play with.

 Free version allows you to use up to any 4 different fireworks. You can uncheck a selected firework to try new fireworks of your choice. Purchase the full version of the firework to run all fireworks on your home screen.