Sweet Sleep for Relaxing Sleep 

A very simple App which lets you listen to relaxing music combined with natural sounds of birds,beach,ocean, stream etc. It has 26 songs of melody and music,30 types of natural sounds. Free version does not have lot of choice and the option of playing App in background while using the phone is not there. Controls are easy and Playlist options are simple so you can combine different melodies with different sounds easily. 

Shuffle My Life-Things To Do

The app tries to transform your life with random tasks and the more task you complete the more interesting your life become (as it says) but in a way it’s right. If you want to break away from monotonous life need a change it has a task for you. The tasks are simple and it creates the diversion for your mind. You can choose the task by time,money and category. 

The first task for me was to close my eyes and navigate from one side of my home to another and I had three minutes to complete it,then there was to see a movie with which starts from E,they had a link to imdb site were you can choose the movie.

The tasks are simple in beginning and gets more interesting later on. The idea is good as we do get bored lot of times and then you can  switch this on and let your mind to rest. Very easy and very simple but very effective. Try it you won’t regret.

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite

​”Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design” says the app and it truly does. You will get addicted to its therapy in no time. The making of pots will require a certain amount of skill which will calm your mind as you concentrate. The app is easy to use to use but the skill will develop slowly. As you make and sell pots you earn points which unlocks different colors and design. When you become skilled you need to pay of the developer to build some real masterpiece. I guess that will take time and by that time you will know yourself if this hobby is meant for you and you want to spend money for it or not. I would suggest you to certainly makeep and fire couple of pots,it’s really fun.