Running Dog: The Champion

Google Play Install

Play with cute puppies and guide them through the obstacles to reach bones and ultimately to their home. Finalist in Indie game 2016, the game is fun to play and has funny music with even funnier voice overs especially when the girl says “Game over”. Beautifully designed and simple to play.Adopt puppies as many as you can and compare and compete with people in the world, whether who has more puppies and runs far-far away. Your puppy will be running with a lot of excitement as you touch the screen. They cannot run backwards and move left or right, but can only run forward.

 Touch the screen to run your puppy but if you are pressing the screen longer, the puppy runs faster and if you take your finger off the screen, the puppy stops. if you meet obstacles, stop for second and wait for the timing, if small and cute puppies are hit by obstacles, they will get hurt. So, try not to be hit by obstacles while puppies are running.