Top 5 Hillary vs Trump Games

America’s DC Politics meets Las Vegas Slot Machines: Play Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton slots offline or online Free. No internet or WiFi needed. New Slot machines Free with Bonus Games & jackpots featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Bush, Bill Clinton, and More. Would you prefer Hillary Clinton 2016? No matter who you support in the USA election 2016, you’ll like the jackpots and slots with pokies in Hillary Clinton vs. Trump Slots and poker games!

Drive your President candidate to victory, while helping them beat stress, impressing the crowd, reaching important investor meetings in time and much more.

Along with 70 levels of crazy driving in 16 awesome cars, select your favorite President and drive with them. From their every day chores to attending important meetings, be a part of your Presidential candidate’s journey, and drive them to the White House. Don’t forget to enjoy the hilarious Trump Vs Hillary banter!

Are you annoyed of what Trump is saying during the 2016 American elections? Want to shut him up? How about stepping in the ring with him to fight it out. Welcome to the Epic Celeb Brawl series … featuring the possible next president of the United States; Donald Trump. A funny fighting game with several weapons and combos to use. Have fun and let off some steam, Shut him up once and for all.

FEATURES:  Hit him with a low and high punch, Buy special weapons, such as a baseball bat, ninja stars, gold bars and more, Master special combo moves. A special FINISH HIM move at the end!

Warm up your knuckles and get ready for the final fight of the elections. Choose between Donald Trump’s bloc and the democratic one led by Hillary Clinton and show us who the best patriot is. Play against the machine or challenge your friend with the 2 players mode. Will you be able to win this bloody fight for the White House?

Defeat all the enemies that want to push you away from the White House and become the most powerful President of the United States in history. Fight impersonating Donald Trump or choose the democratic bloc if you prefer. Use your flying super powers in order to make your enemy’s head hit the ground and bite the dust. Each time you win an opponent will be unlocked so you will be able to play with him later on. Who needs elections with such fighters?

Donut Trumpet Tycoon turns the whole world into a property board game, letting you purchase and sell real world venues for virtual money. Trade in real time and earn rent when other people check in at your properties. Are you good enough to become a New York City billionaire real estate tycoon. Donut Trumpet Tycoon gives you the power to purchase, sell and trade digital property based on actual locations around the world. Strategy is key as you must decide which properties will bring in the most money. Purchase Times Square in New York. Trade it for Eiffel Tower in Paris. Sell that and purchase yourself an investment bank in London. Or you can purchase local venues near your home, school, or office by the use of the GPS in your smart device. Whatever real world locations you acquire, you’ll have to play your top real estate game and become the best property landlord in the world.