Top 5 song Apps for kids

1. Nursery Rhymes & Kids Games

Lot of songs, games and animation sounds. Only 24 baby rhymes are free other features has to be purchased. The graphics and presentations are good.

2. Best Kids Songs: Dinosaur+more

The App has beautiful graphics and adorable characters with non stop music playing for over 60 minutes. It has the sing along feature with easy lyrics to learn. Most of the features are paid.

3. English Kids Songs

Simple App with 24 most common nursery rhymes with lyrics. Plays non stop for 30 minutes. 

4. Kids Songs

Nonstop play of videos for kids and babies. The contents are updated regularly. The App needs net connection for playing the content.

5. Children Songs Video offline 

One time download and enjoy the videos of more than 100 nursery rhymes. Simple app with lot of features. 

Nick Jr. – Shows & Games 

The App is for preschoolers so that they can enjoy their favorite shows. Main features of the App are :


Watch recently aired Nick Jr. episodes for free. Nick Jr. channel subscribers can access hundreds of additional full episodes by signing in with their TV provider.

Find educational clips and entertaining exclusive videos that are sure to get your kids learning and laughing!

Keep kids entertained with educational games and alphabet buttons that deliver silly surprises.

Audio instructions and easy-to-use swiping and tapping allow pre-K kids to explore and discover videos, games, and more.

Animals Puzzle for Kids

The App helps kids to develop tactical and fine motors kills by solving the puzzles. They need to match the pieces of an animal and then get to learn the animals name and the sounds animals make. 100 different animals to choose from and the graphic,pronunciations and music are good. It’s good for toddlers and preschool kids including those with autism. The app supports 30 languages. It is really a fun way to learn the names of animals and increase their memory. No special permission for app and the advertising is not a big hassle. 


Kindergarten Kids Learning 

This app is for kids 5 years and younger. The app is beautifully made just for kids. It teaches numbers, alphabet, names of fruits,vegetable,household goods name and lot of other things. It has a section for coloring,games,puzzles. I guess it’s a complete package ,bundled together just right for kids,the graphics and animation could improve but I guess kids won’t understand that. Go for it parents you will enjoy the experience. 


Learn Body Parts in English

This app is for people who want to learn english. Simple app teaches you the different body parts. It has three levels,easy,medium and hard. It has a section were you can test the words you have leaned. The audio and pictures are not of great quality but it will work. Go for it if you need it.