Add Ghost to Photo

A silly but fun App for playing pranks. With “Add Ghost to Photo” you will easily and without an effort add scary ghost to your private photo. To create a very reliable photo with ghost you will get advanced graphic effects and possibility to set your ghost position and size anyway you want. Moreover you can share your final ghost picture via most popular social portals, email or another application using “Share” button. All your friends will believe that you have taken a real ghost photo. This application is an excellent tool to fool all your friends on April Fool’s Day. Application lets you select picture from your pictures gallery or take a picture using your build-in camera.

You will get more than 20 ghost pictures. For each ghost you can set:  transparency level, color, color saturation, brightness, contrast. You can also set position, size and rotate the ghost anyway you want to. This app is also live wallpaper (you can set scary ghosts as your wallpaper) and widget (you can put direct link to app on your home screen). “Add Ghost to Photo” is adjusted to high resolution (HD 1080×1920) screens and tablets.