Mr Phone – Search and Compare

The App helps you to compare three different phones at a time and choose which one is best for you. Simple App were in you can search new release in the market, popular phones in the market and news about the world of phones and events related to Phones and Apps. It is a kind of digital encyclopedia for smartphone. It gives you high quality images and and all the specifications of any phone and of almost all the brands. It also has a smart filter were in you can put your desired specifications and it will choose a Phone for you based on the parameters of battery,screen size,RAM etc.


Citymaps: Offline Map & Guides 

Lot of time,effort,imagination and practicality has been put into it. The best feature is the offline mode and so many things to look for here that even if you don’t go for holidays you can spend your time here on app and feel good about travelling.Citymaps is a map made for travelers. It is your travel guide and works free online and offline. It helps you decide where to sleep, what to see, where to eat, and what to do. It covers almost every country and city around the world. For each destination you get offline maps, offline routing, and offline city guides. With Citymaps, you canplan your trip,with tips from local experts,Save all the places you like or want to go in map!Get personalized suggestions. Book tickets, experiences and guided tours right from the app.your can share your experience with all your friends and on app for others. Try it it’s really good. 

Metal Detector HD

​Application “Metal Detector HD” uses built-in magnetic sensor. With the use of magnetometer it measures electromagnetic field (EMF) value in your surrounding.Actual value of the field is displayed as microtesla. Induction of Earth’s magnetic field ranges from 30 to 60 microtesla (µT). If the intensity increases above 60 µT it may mean that the telephone is near to ferromagnetic materials (metallic objects). You can try to find wires in the walls and metallic objects under the ground or simply prank your friends.Beside presenting actual µT value, this tool displays the chart with the measurements of the last 15 seconds and presents minimum and maximum magnetic field strength. You can reset those readings any time.Remember that this tool uses built-in magnetic field sensor. Not all phones are equipped in such a sensor.check it in your phone specification.Accuracy of measurements can be disturbed by electronic devices, such as TV set or a PC screen. It’s better not to use this application around such devices. Additionally some phone cases may have metallic parts. Before using the application you should remove such parts.Calibration,Before working with metal detector it should be calibrated. To do it, start an application, raise the telephone high and “draw” number 8 pattern in the air. Now you can start playing with the detector.The app can only detect ferromagnetic metals. It will not detect gold, silver or copper coins. They are classified as non-ferrous that has no magnetic field.

It’s more of a prank . 

Whistle Phone Finder PRO

​If you have ever lost a phone in your room, bag, desk or car and you couldn’t find it; this program is just for you. This application detects sounds similar to whistling and then informs you about the location of your lost phone. You only have to whistle and your phone will start vibrating, emitting a loud sound and shining a bright camera light of the phone. This way you can quickly locate your lost phone. It’s only that you have to whistle really hard to get it on but it works fine,the ads can be a little irritating but you have to understand that developer needs to earn money. Try it it’s useful.

Share Phone

I really don’t know if anyone can do that,first almost everyone has a phone now(even kids,old enough). If you really need a phone it’s in emergency. If someone asks you for phone,I guess it would be for a short term and you will be standing there. I guess phone has become too important to be shared. Giving the phone to kids for playing games is one thing I can think of and then you might use it. Then you just open share phone and select games app and unselected apps will be hidden. It also has password lock,pattern lock and fingerprint lock. The app is simple to use.