Top 3 Apps for Phone Addiction (Nomophobia)

1.Quality Time – My Digital Diet

The App provides the in depth analysis of your phone usage. You can see it as hourly,daily or weekly. You can also check which app you used for how long. It has features like take a break or scheduled breaks where in you can customize what apps you want or how the phone should work be it incoming calls or any app. There is missed notification center which collects all the information for your use so won’t miss anything.

2.Forest: Stay focused 

The App helps in getting over addiction to your phone in a very interesting way. You plant a tree and let it grow for next 30 minutes, if you go to check your Facebook or any other app the tree will wither away. There is a white list which let’s you check the apps. The less you use the more trees you can grow. Reward point helps you get more species for your forest!

3.AppBlock – Stay Focused 

The App helps you in blocking the addictive apps or those which you don’t want to use for a specific period of time. It also stops the application to launch on its own,disable the notification and helps you in concentrating on your work.