Long Hair Princess Hair Salon 

The app is a game for girls and has endless styling options for a princess,the story behind the game is,Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in fairyland ruled by the beloved Prince Christos and Princess Juliet. Princess Juliet was beautiful with golden magic long hair. One day before their wedding, a witch broke into the castle and took Juliet away to a hidden tower far away from the kingdom deep into the forest. The witch was so sick she need to get energy and power from Juliet’s magic long hair. Poor Juliet was waiting for your help to break the curse and go back to her beloved Prince Christos.

It has all the things as the story of suggests,magical power, potions and royal grandeur. It has all the tools in salon,choose a princess,take a course in spa,make up,hair care,dress and start playing with the looks of princess.Sometimes you might have a problem in giving her a hair shape and look but that’s ok. I think girls might enjoy because I did enjoy giving her a makeover. Try it girls and do tell me.

Beautiful breast workout 

This app is designed to make you healthy. The app has set of exercises to strengthen,slim and lift your breast. These exercises trains the chest muscles and enables you to restore a beautiful and firm breast. It has a reminders setting so you don’t get lazy. The app won’t increase your breast size but will tone the muscles so that the breast looks better. It’s for all those women with little time to go to gym. It has no advertising and it’s very simple to navigate. The exercises are easy and has a timer. The exercises take less than 5 minutes to do. Lovely graphics. I highly recommend it.