Top 5 Apps for Lunchbox Recipes 

1.Japanese Recipes & Food:OYSHEE

The App helps you find recipes to cook tasty Japanese cuisine.OYSHEE means ‘TASTY’ in Japanese. Oyshee features recipes from both chefs and everyday Japanese. All recipes can be converted between US and metric measurements.

There are 4 ways to find recipes in app

1.Keywords: You can find recipes by filtering categories or searching by keyword.

2.Dietary Needs: If you want to find healthy recipes, try the Healthy category. We’ve classified recipes according to their health benefits.

3.Japanese Super Foods:  know about dishes that use Japanese superfoods like hijiki, shirataki noodles, soba, miso and others.

4.Super Easy : For beginners recipes marked with the “super easy” icon.There recipes can be made within 15 minutes or using 5 ingredients or less.

 The App has detailed descriptions of Japanese ingredients. The calorie meter does not work.

2.tasty tiffin box recipes 

Easy to cook Indian bread and rice dish within 5 to 10 minutes which are full of protein and carbohydrates. Very simple app.

3. Quick & Easy Recipes

  In this app, you’ll find  recipes for:

 Quick Breakfasts

 Simple Salads

 Fast Dinners

 Easy Soups

 Last-Minute Desserts
Cooking a nutritious meal is made easy. All of the recipes in Quick & Easy Recipes call for simple, good for you ingredients so you can eat well, even on a tight schedule. It has detailed, easy-to-follow recipe instructions for every recipe. A complete nutritional breakdown of every recipe, including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein, carbs and more,recipe ratings from its community of home cooks. Simple social integration with Facebook and Pinterest so you can share your favorite recipes with your friends. A recipe box to save your favorite recipes.

4.Easy Recipes For Free Offline 

The Apps goal is to provide ideas for simple, fast and easy recipes that can be cooked in few steps. It features eggs,snacks,rice and pasta,chicken-fish-meat and sweets .

5. Sandwiches and Wraps Recipes

The App has recipes for making sandwiches and wraps. Easy to make and with health factor in mind the recipes are great for quick lunch box.

Top 5 Apps for Disease and Healing with Religion 

1.Christian Faith Healing 

In ancient times faith healing was widely accepted as the only form of medicine for both physical and mental health problems.The App contains a book about Christian faith healing and all about healing from Jesus and how to follow it.

2.Islam &General Health Issues 

The App contains comprehensive book for General health issues and their cure with reference from Quran and Hadith. It discusses the precise health issues and their symptoms and the Islamic cures.

3.Jewish Women’s Health 

The App aims to facilitate communication between doctors and patients and how it’s treatment should take place according to Halachah the Jewish law. 

4.Ayurvedic Book

The App helps in definition of disease, its cure,symptoms Ayurvedic view,lifestyle advices and home remedies. Ayurveda is linked to Hindu relegion.

5.Native American Healing 

The App contains the book on healing practice of Native American and how to follow it today according to the tribal culture. It tells you all about the knowledge of medicine,herbs,feathers and much more.

Central government employees news

This app shows how Indian government can spend money without getting anywere (they are good at it).10k download shows it all.thought he layout is good but nothing comes on it thing though I learnt was typewriting exams have been exempted! Please don’t waste time and data.