Top 3 Horse Racing Games 

Horse Racing 3D is the most authentic racing simulation game. Race for dominance in this high addictive horse racing game in immersive environment. Remember to balance the speed and stamina since if your horse runs too fast the stamina will be used up very quickly.

Game Feature: 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system, Intuitive tile or touch controls to steer your horse, challenging courses to compete.

Horse Derby Quest 2016 Features: Realistic 3D Horse Racing Track, Races And Challenges, Touch And Tilt Control To Maneuver Your Horse, 3D Graphics And 3D Sound Effects, 3D Animated Horses, Different Weather Conditions

Music and graphics are good but the app has bugs which needs go be fixed, if you have patience then play

Real Bike Racing 

Released on 20 September and already a big hit in most of the countries,Real bike racing is a beautifully designed and very easy to control game. Just start the engine and enjoy the adrenaline rush with more than 10 types of Superbike. The graphics are good and there’s a functional rear view mirror too! The controls are easy and it’s fun to play.