Perfect Braid Hairdresser 

Perfect Braid Hairdresser is a game where not only you get to play online but you learn to do it in real life too. Interesting game,you get to comb the hair make braids and make you hair look beautiful. Making braids for me is an art,how you manage your hair does say a lot of things about your personality. Being a bald does make the art of braiding more fascinating to me. The game makes the art of braiding simple,the controls are not good and lags the speed but you can do it. It will take you couple of stokes to master it.There are only six design to play and learn,there is only one hair color,the graphics are OK and music is OK too. Advertising is not that disturbing. So girls for a change you can go for the art of braiding.

Indian Girl Salon-girls games

The App has copied lot of other girl games and hurriedly put up a game with an Indian name to it. It’s has the same layout of first using spa then make up then more makeup, even the eye color has not been changed. The only Indian touch is the jewellery and accessories. The music is not an original score but makes you feel like gloomy. I guess when you’re doing makeup you need to feel the energy,the positive vibe has to come and the dopamine should flow to feel good. Overall bad game and bad set up,I guess it’s the Chinese version of Indian game for mass market. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone. 

Alice in Wonderland Rush

​Join Alice on a whimsical journey through the magical world of Wonderland.Chase the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, as you rush through the Dark Forest, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the Queen of Hearts’ croquet match and more. Collect coins, magic mushrooms & wacky power-ups along the way.Run, leap & rush through 5 fantasy worlds in Wonderland.Play as Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts or Cheshire Cat.Collect & upgrade powerups as you chase the White Rabbit.Complete daily quests with Alice to earn gems. It get more challenging as you up the levels as you rush through Wonderland.Outsmart the card soldiers, hedgehogs, flamingos & more,beautiful 3D graphics and an immersive soundtrack.Endless “Rabbit Hole” mode – rush as far as you can. Very addictive!