Fit Girls Guide 

The first(I have seen) app which deals with the problem holistically. Fitness is just not going over the hill and doing superhuman exercise,neither it’s going on diet. The app developers have really put in time and effort to see that you become fit in 28 days inside out.

The app is divided in three parts,challenge, samples and profile.challenge is about 28 days of trying to becoming fit. 

The sample is divided in four parts 5 steps to fit(which is all about motivation),workouts,recipes, join the challenge. The app tells you about the middle path you need to take and about not quitting even if you fail in following the steps,it tells you not to give up carbohydrates and tell you about its recipe of pizza and buns. It also teaches you about eating that how moderation and portion plays a big role.workout is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. They also ask you to join a community of fit girls and put up challenges on it.

I think the app is good and will help you.

Flower Shop Girl

It’s a game and it’s nice.very simple to play and very have to do all the work involved in gardening,grow lots of beautiful flower and be a famous and sweet flower girl. Graphics and music are nice and you go on unlocking level after level to grow more and more flowers. You can choose your pets too. After playing this game you feel joy and beautiful. Kids get to learn the name of lot of flowers. Try it it’s nice.

Long Hair Princess Hair Salon 

The app is a game for girls and has endless styling options for a princess,the story behind the game is,Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in fairyland ruled by the beloved Prince Christos and Princess Juliet. Princess Juliet was beautiful with golden magic long hair. One day before their wedding, a witch broke into the castle and took Juliet away to a hidden tower far away from the kingdom deep into the forest. The witch was so sick she need to get energy and power from Juliet’s magic long hair. Poor Juliet was waiting for your help to break the curse and go back to her beloved Prince Christos.

It has all the things as the story of suggests,magical power, potions and royal grandeur. It has all the tools in salon,choose a princess,take a course in spa,make up,hair care,dress and start playing with the looks of princess.Sometimes you might have a problem in giving her a hair shape and look but that’s ok. I think girls might enjoy because I did enjoy giving her a makeover. Try it girls and do tell me.