Resort Tycoon 

​Resort tycoon is a beautiful resort simulation that tests your time and resource management skills. You upgrade your hotel with all the latest amenities, open restaurants, kitchens, sell magazines, serve varieties of drinks and more. Start your hotel management career, keep the customers happy and earn money to buy resorts all over the paradise city and create your own chain of dream hotels. You can adjust your own demand and the profit’s for the items you sell.Carry enough burgers, sandwiches, Pizza, magazines, drinks and much more delicious items to cater daily customer demands. Soothe impatient guests before they get angry. As resort’s popularity increases, you earn more money. Experience the situation and strategy of real resort business. Game is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Thai.Colorful graphics, also plenty of facilities and decoration items available.Simple and very addictive game play.Allows you to play offline. Plays nicely on tablet. Try it,it’s good.


Jelly Blast

It’s a cute game and the stats says that more than half of the players are girls,I can understand that. The game is all about matching jellies and that brings on the jelly mania and you move forward in the magical world of jellies and increase your magical powers and open secret realms. The new version is fixed for bugs which used to crash the game on Samsung devices. The new activity is magic trip bingo and professor owl have found an ancient magic book in magic academy  and you get to uncover its secrets and become the ultimate magician.  The game is very addicting and good for killing your time and keeping your mind engaged. The graphics are good and the voice of girl saying “jelly mania” is really cute. Try it if you still haven’t, you will get hooked.

Dirt Xtreme (Unreleased)

This a dirt racing game. You get to race in different surroundings and different levels of difficulty with different motorcycle.The app is still unreleased but it’s stable and controls are OK though there’s no setting of control for personal taste. You might have difficulty in controlling the bike but with practise you will be able to do it. The big drawback(for me) was the use of nitro as you need to lift the thumb and swipe it vertically upside on screen. The graphics are all right but could had been better for real life feelings. The sound and music are good,it helps in the adrenaline rush. There is no choice of camera angles. I think it’s OK to play it for a while. You can find it in early access of Google play. 

Nemesis: Air Combat (Unreleased)

The game is based on jet fighter action.​The gameplay is designed around short, intense sessions perfect for the on the go gaming. The casual controls allow more focus on in your face camera angles. You will be needing lot of practice(if you’re a new gamer like me). The controls are OK but focusing and shooting will require lot of patience and time to understand. The graphic is good but you don’t feel to be in cockpit. If they would had given an option of immersive camera angle it would had helped. Once you get the grip of game and control it becomes a little easier but the shooting game has a life you just can go on and on. The graphics also don’t change much and the the music at the background doesn’t score much. The app is still in the development stage so can’t complain but you can download it from early access in Google play. I didn’t like it a lot it’s just another shooting game but if you like shooting you can try it.

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite

​”Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design” says the app and it truly does. You will get addicted to its therapy in no time. The making of pots will require a certain amount of skill which will calm your mind as you concentrate. The app is easy to use to use but the skill will develop slowly. As you make and sell pots you earn points which unlocks different colors and design. When you become skilled you need to pay of the developer to build some real masterpiece. I guess that will take time and by that time you will know yourself if this hobby is meant for you and you want to spend money for it or not. I would suggest you to certainly makeep and fire couple of pots,it’s really fun.