Nemesis: Air Combat (Unreleased)

The game is based on jet fighter action.​The gameplay is designed around short, intense sessions perfect for the on the go gaming. The casual controls allow more focus on in your face camera angles. You will be needing lot of practice(if you’re a new gamer like me). The controls are OK but focusing and shooting will require lot of patience and time to understand. The graphic is good but you don’t feel to be in cockpit. If they would had given an option of immersive camera angle it would had helped. Once you get the grip of game and control it becomes a little easier but the shooting game has a life you just can go on and on. The graphics also don’t change much and the the music at the background doesn’t score much. The app is still in the development stage so can’t complain but you can download it from early access in Google play. I didn’t like it a lot it’s just another shooting game but if you like shooting you can try it.


Neko Atsume:Kitty Collector

The game revolves around the you purchasing food,toys and furniture to attract a variety of cats to the your garden. You can watch cats in the garden, take photos of them which can be saved in an album, and receive gifts from them.Cats will leave the player either silver or gold fish, after leaving the garden. The player also has the ability to get free silver or gold fish by completing a daily password. This feature is located in the news button in the main menu. Once there the player simply taps the cat that is holding the sign and this will direct the player to a new page with the following options Input Password, Submit Feedback and the games FAQ. The player will tap on Input Password and a daily log will be created. There are five slots and after all five are completed the player receives a free can of Ritzy Bitz.The fish can be used to purchase new types of food and goods as well as extensions to the garden. Cats may leave collectible mementos for the player.

After purchasing the initial expansion to the garden, the player then has the opportunity to purchase a renovation for their garden. Players have the option to remodel their garden to one of six different styles,Original, Zen, Rustic, Modern, Western, or Sugary.There is no end to the game, but cats will only appear so long as the player continues to put food out for them.The game is free to play, though additional food items are available for purchase. My girlfriend had a cat, I used to call him prettyboy,this game brought his memories back,very simple game and fun.

Perfect Braid Hairdresser 

Perfect Braid Hairdresser is a game where not only you get to play online but you learn to do it in real life too. Interesting game,you get to comb the hair make braids and make you hair look beautiful. Making braids for me is an art,how you manage your hair does say a lot of things about your personality. Being a bald does make the art of braiding more fascinating to me. The game makes the art of braiding simple,the controls are not good and lags the speed but you can do it. It will take you couple of stokes to master it.There are only six design to play and learn,there is only one hair color,the graphics are OK and music is OK too. Advertising is not that disturbing. So girls for a change you can go for the art of braiding.

Flower Shop Girl

It’s a game and it’s nice.very simple to play and very have to do all the work involved in gardening,grow lots of beautiful flower and be a famous and sweet flower girl. Graphics and music are nice and you go on unlocking level after level to grow more and more flowers. You can choose your pets too. After playing this game you feel joy and beautiful. Kids get to learn the name of lot of flowers. Try it it’s nice.

Teenage Style Guide : Spring 16

​Teenage Style Guide is a fashion and lifestyle app that allows you to experiment by mixing and matching makeup and clothing to find your desired chic look in the palm of your hand. You can learn about the style guide by going through the catalogue,start with some makeup makeovers,dress up in the newest fashions, create your own fashion lookbook collection to share with your friends,know all the latest fashion trends.Indulge in the extensive selection that comprises ready-to-wear fashion. Get your wardrobe essentials,basics such as tank tops and trousers, killer shoes like heels and accessories such as sunglasses and watches. Nice music and very easy to play.

Yes Or No

This is a game. You are asked a question and when you answer  (in yes or no) iI shows you a statistic for how many people said yes or no. Sometimes it does get really weird. Like I hate star war’s movie but most of the people in the world do,I shave my armpits but most of them don’t. One thing was common that most of us share the feeling of low self-esteem. It’s sure is an unusual and fun way to spend your free time. You can choose your preference and see how many people will do the same,you can also add your own questions and see what other people will answer. You are anonymous and app doesn’t keep record of personal question or answer. The game is nice to play and you’re get to bored you have some to spend time with.