Super Cat Bros

Open the kitty door for the Super Cat Bros and meow away a boring day. One of the cutest tales about cats on Google Play. Reunite Alex the Cat with his siblings and explore a mysterious island. Control 24 paws with just 2 thumbs tapping the left or right side of the screen. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to climb, swim, jump and run. Just don’t forget to bring the right cat for the job. Super Cat Bros is tailor made for the touch screen. It has never been so easy and satisfying to play platformers on your phone.

 Features :

 six cats with unique abilities

 simple rewarding controls

 more than 50 fun levels to enjoy

 cute pixel visuals

 lots of hidden secrets

Drifty Chase

The most fun-filled car chase and drifting I have seen with superb soundtrack. You rob a bank and run, now you need to throw off the pursuers. The task is hard as streets are narrow and insanely crowded. You just need to handle a simple one tap mechanics to hit the road. Beware of the police though as they won’t stop chasing and trying to smash you. If you hit another car or a building during the chase, you’re busted. In Drifty Chase the longer you play the faster you go. Each car has different speed and handles a little bit differently so the game experience is never the same – it differs the more you play. Better cars let you earn more coins which lets you unlock other cars with a totally different game sceneries.

Learn Programming by Playing Games

Lightbot – Code Hour is meant to introduce kids and even adults who have no experience whatsoever in programming, That means anyone anywhere from K to 12 can play, have fun and learn real programming logic. Lightbot is a programming puzzle game, it uses game mechanics that are firmly rooted in programming concepts. Lightbot lets players gain a practical understanding of basic concepts like instruction sequencing, procedures and loops, just by guiding a robot to light up tiles and solve levels. Lightbot – Code Hour features 20 levels. The full version of Lightbot features 50 levels for when you want more of a challenge. This version of Lightbot has been translated to 28 different languages.

Two Dots

Join two brave dots as they traverse the arctic tundra, navigate fiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths.

Connect one dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free puzzle game. 860 fun and addicting levels and thoughtful game design in this beautiful game about connecting, beautiful minimalistic design with relaxing game music and fun sound fx, Play at your own pace to figure out the perfect move without having to worry about the old time clock, Challenge your friends to a Two Dots match on Facebook, beat their scores, and earn medals, make a line or a square, not a circle, to connect every dot of a single color.

​Block! Hexa Puzzle

Block! Hexa Puzzle is a tetris style exciting block puzzle game.Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages. Move blocks to fill up the square and collect block pieces to level up. Drag the blocks to move them and try to fit them all in the frame. Blocks can’t be rotated and there is no time limit. The games makes you think and the graphics are good. The game can be played in in offline mode too.Very addictive. 

SwiftKey Keyboard 

With 50 million downloads swiftkey is the most chosen keyboard these days. The App uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style including the emoji you like to use,the words that matter to you and how you like to type and the autocorrect and predictive text works better because it adapts to your style. It has lot of colors,design and themes. Supports more than 100 languages. You can also just swipe and the Artificial intelligence makes what you want to write. It will help you make less mistakes and type faster. It even learns your slang,nicknames and lot more. It is fun to type with it.

Yes Or No

This is a game. You are asked a question and when you answer  (in yes or no) iI shows you a statistic for how many people said yes or no. Sometimes it does get really weird. Like I hate star war’s movie but most of the people in the world do,I shave my armpits but most of them don’t. One thing was common that most of us share the feeling of low self-esteem. It’s sure is an unusual and fun way to spend your free time. You can choose your preference and see how many people will do the same,you can also add your own questions and see what other people will answer. You are anonymous and app doesn’t keep record of personal question or answer. The game is nice to play and you’re get to bored you have some to spend time with.