No Ads Radiooooo

RADIOOOOO is the wonderful musical time machine that allows you to travel through space and time. Pick a country, pick a decade, and let yourself get carried away by the most beautiful musical collection in the world. The App has a feature called taxi where you choose the countries and the taxi takes you there while listening to the music of the decade you choose from and brings you to the destination. You can choose between slow, fast and weird songs. There are no ads and the selection of music is very good. The App has bugs but it is enjoyable. Enjoy and Bon Voyage.

VoLTE checker  (Jio)

This app will check VoLTE support on your phone.

VoLTE support is necessary on your smartphone to make and receive calls on the Jio network. If your smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE then you have to install the Jio 4G voice app also known as ‘Jio Join’ to make and receive calls. 

Some Advantages of VoLTE call.

1. Crystal Clear sound.

2. Inbuilt Video call support.

3. Call Connects instantly.

NOTE: This app only checks for VoLTE support. It does not add VoLTE support to your smartphone.