Animals Puzzle for Kids

The App helps kids to develop tactical and fine motors kills by solving the puzzles. They need to match the pieces of an animal and then get to learn the animals name and the sounds animals make. 100 different animals to choose from and the graphic,pronunciations and music are good. It’s good for toddlers and preschool kids including those with autism. The app supports 30 languages. It is really a fun way to learn the names of animals and increase their memory. No special permission for app and the advertising is not a big hassle. 


The name of things – for kids

The app is for learning 6 six different languages (French,Italian,German,English,Portuguese and Spanish ) for kids 8 years and younger. Though I found it useful for myself too if you want to learn a new language. The graphics are OK and there are only 30 words to learn in free edition. I guess teaching kids will be a costly affair. The app is good because of clarity of voice and pronunciation but it’s not fun as other kids app are. Kids like lot of animation and cartoons(I like them too), it is more fun learning that way. The app only shows a picture and says it’s name with no animation. Moreover when lot of other better apps are there in market why should we choose this one and that too pay money for it. I have written couple of reviews for kids learning apps you can see them or write to me I can help you find a better one. I didn’t like the app .

Kindergarten Kids Learning 

This app is for kids 5 years and younger. The app is beautifully made just for kids. It teaches numbers, alphabet, names of fruits,vegetable,household goods name and lot of other things. It has a section for coloring,games,puzzles. I guess it’s a complete package ,bundled together just right for kids,the graphics and animation could improve but I guess kids won’t understand that. Go for it parents you will enjoy the experience. 


ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics 

The app is for kids 5 years and younger and teaches them alphabet with beautiful graphics and tracing. Very simple to use,kids will love it. The music and settings have been made just right for kids. There are no advertising so it’s Hassel free. There is only one problem and that’s I think is a big one is that you can’t go back to the same letter or earlier tasks or even just go back to menu,the back button does not work. So the kids or the parents have to make the kids go on which might be tiring. With short attention span of kids they might want to see something different then you will have to close the app and come back again for different things. Otherwise the app is good for kids,after every three tasks kids get to collect a sticker. Try it you might like it.