Donald Trump Soundboard

The Donald Trump soundboard is here. This soundboard contains more than 130 of Donald Trumps popular phrases. The quality of sound is very good. A must have for every fan or hater of Donald Trump.


 140+ Phrases, Customize your favorite phrase, Set phrase as ringtone, Set phrase as notification sound, Play random Donald Trump sounds


 “I will build a great great wall”

  “I’m really rich”

 “I have a great great company”

 “I am officially running for president of the United States”

 “We will make America great again”

 “The stamina”

 “You’re fired”

 “A small loan of 1 million Dollars”


This Donald Trump soundboard is a must have for every Trump fan or hater. Have fun.

Donut Trumpet Tycoon

Released on 14th October 2016, Donut Trumpet Tycoon turns the whole world into a property board game, letting you purchase and sell real world venues for virtual money. Trade in real time and earn rent when other people check in at your properties.

Donut Trumpet Tycoon gives you the power to purchase, sell and trade digital property based on actual locations around the world. Strategy is key as you must decide which properties will bring in the most money. Purchase Times Square in New York. Trade it for Eiffel Tower in Paris. Sell that and purchase yourself an investment bank in London. Or you can purchase local venues near your home, school, or office by the use of the GPS in your smart device. Whatever real world locations you acquire, you’ll have to play your top real estate game and become the best property landlord in the world. Accelerate your empire building by purchasing upgrades for your properties, Invest in WiFi, karaoke evenings, and VIP areas to make locations more valuable and boost your rental income. But be careful to avoid going broke, you must manage your portfolio well to ensure you have enough money to pay your daily property charges. Bank your cash and you’ll soon be like that famous New York real estate tycoon. The best part is the promotional video which comes with the app,very funny.