Mr. Square

The task is simple, you need to paint all the floor. It would be easy for Mr. Square, but the floor is so slippery that he always slide till the end of the path. As if that wasn’t enough, you can’t cross an already painted floor. Ok, so the simple task isn’t that simple. Mr. Square will need your help to solve all those puzzles.

There’s 225+ levels distributed in chapters and many others in the workshop. You can choose the character you like most. Walls, portals, directional boosters and Mr. Square’s clones will make the levels even more challenging. You can make your own levels and play those created by other players. You can send challenges to your friends by many different platforms. Simple and cute but challenging game, it will keep you hooked for hours!

Jelly Blast

It’s a cute game and the stats says that more than half of the players are girls,I can understand that. The game is all about matching jellies and that brings on the jelly mania and you move forward in the magical world of jellies and increase your magical powers and open secret realms. The new version is fixed for bugs which used to crash the game on Samsung devices. The new activity is magic trip bingo and professor owl have found an ancient magic book in magic academy  and you get to uncover its secrets and become the ultimate magician.  The game is very addicting and good for killing your time and keeping your mind engaged. The graphics are good and the voice of girl saying “jelly mania” is really cute. Try it if you still haven’t, you will get hooked.

Long Hair Princess Hair Salon 

The app is a game for girls and has endless styling options for a princess,the story behind the game is,Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in fairyland ruled by the beloved Prince Christos and Princess Juliet. Princess Juliet was beautiful with golden magic long hair. One day before their wedding, a witch broke into the castle and took Juliet away to a hidden tower far away from the kingdom deep into the forest. The witch was so sick she need to get energy and power from Juliet’s magic long hair. Poor Juliet was waiting for your help to break the curse and go back to her beloved Prince Christos.

It has all the things as the story of suggests,magical power, potions and royal grandeur. It has all the tools in salon,choose a princess,take a course in spa,make up,hair care,dress and start playing with the looks of princess.Sometimes you might have a problem in giving her a hair shape and look but that’s ok. I think girls might enjoy because I did enjoy giving her a makeover. Try it girls and do tell me.