Top 3 Apps for Popsicle/Ice cream Stick Crafts 

Popsicle/ ice cream stick crafts application have been there in the realm of craft for a while because they are cheap, they are fun, and they provide choices are limited to what little imagination can create. These apps will give you the inspiration to make a popsicle stick crafts. These applications will provide you a gallery or ideas craft popsicle sticks, such as: home popsicle sticks, ice cream sticks craftwork, popsicle stick ornaments, colored popsicle sticks, and more. Popsicle stick houses are instant boredom buster. You can get inspired by a lot with photos shown here.  These Apps can be the best craft projects.

Simple, easy to navigate and nice quality of pictures. 


60 craft ideas.



Framy is the App which takes you one step closer to Virtual Reality. It helps you in making your own videos with the help of its 3D Augmented reality  (AR) technology. The idea is that you only need to bring or dream of an idea and the App helps you in making a video out of it. It has dynamic graphics, sounds, SFX,characters,emotes and more just a tap away. You can create 360 degrees panorama and use it in your videos. Just point and drop objects in 3D scene or edit it on your smart device. Framy has a large community were you get to see lot of different videos and get inspiration. You can follow them and show them your own creation. You can design your own custom made characters for shooting real facial expressions. You can also share it on different social media platforms. This App is really fun and worthy of its place in editor’s choice on Google Play.

Neko Atsume:Kitty Collector

The game revolves around the you purchasing food,toys and furniture to attract a variety of cats to the your garden. You can watch cats in the garden, take photos of them which can be saved in an album, and receive gifts from them.Cats will leave the player either silver or gold fish, after leaving the garden. The player also has the ability to get free silver or gold fish by completing a daily password. This feature is located in the news button in the main menu. Once there the player simply taps the cat that is holding the sign and this will direct the player to a new page with the following options Input Password, Submit Feedback and the games FAQ. The player will tap on Input Password and a daily log will be created. There are five slots and after all five are completed the player receives a free can of Ritzy Bitz.The fish can be used to purchase new types of food and goods as well as extensions to the garden. Cats may leave collectible mementos for the player.

After purchasing the initial expansion to the garden, the player then has the opportunity to purchase a renovation for their garden. Players have the option to remodel their garden to one of six different styles,Original, Zen, Rustic, Modern, Western, or Sugary.There is no end to the game, but cats will only appear so long as the player continues to put food out for them.The game is free to play, though additional food items are available for purchase. My girlfriend had a cat, I used to call him prettyboy,this game brought his memories back,very simple game and fun.

Hair Growth Tips

  • The app like every other is full of promises and hope. I don’t know how much is right but it says faster hair growth with homemade solutions from oil,fruits, eggs and more. I being a born bald don’t care much but got interested as my girlfriend has very long hair and she doesn’t let anyone touch it even.she wants it to grow it longer so just checking it out but it seems nothing comes for free. They have 21 tips for free that includes sleeping on silk pillows so that your hair doesn’t damage. Most of the other remedies we must all be knowing but no harm in checking it out.

Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala is a flower.Its also know as love flower,in Buddhism it stands for unpredictability of love and death. The app is an excellent coloring book were you can develop the sense of coloring and and relax yourself. If you indulge in it you are sure have you mind away from away from irritation and anxiety, it will certainly have a soothing effect on you. You can share it on social sites too. You get to choose and mix colors like in real life. They have a tutorial also and you can zoom the patterns,I am sure you will get hooked. Try it.

50 Cute Hairstyles

The app is not good,hurriedly put up with lot of advertising. It has taken assorted picture from different sites and put up an app. The step by step pictures can’t be zoomed in. The only good thing I guess is the number of hairstyle at one place. Hold on ladies while I try to find a better one with more styles.

Google Arts & Culture

After you see this you will fall in love with Google again. This app shows how Google is the best. The app is so esthetically made that you will just go on exploring every detail of it. Architecture, space,pop diva,legends,fashion,food in medieval times you name it and it has either painting or pictures for you. If you get bored take a virtual tour of museums, temples. It makes you just go on and on. I loved this app…….masterpiece. …an art.

Top 100 Paintings

The concept of app is nice,layout is also simple but the app needs bugs fixed. The app shows you 100 famous paintings with the theme and information about painters. You choose paintings from left panel and read first the theme then swipe right to see it full screen which has zoom in and out facility and then about the painter. You can choose different languages. The only problem is full screen gets frozen lot of times and takes some time to change pictures. Nice way of knowing art and getting informed about it. If you’re a lover of art and want to know some famous painters and their work go for it but keeping in mind about bugs.