Human-to-Cat Translator

Instantly translate your voice into meows and get kitty’s attention. With over 175 quality samples from more than 25 cats, Human-to-Cat Translator dares to impress even the most ill-tempered sourpuss. Human-to-Cat Translator actually performs audio analysis on your voice and regurgitates meows according to your input. Human-to-Cat Translator also includes a 16-meow soundboard for instant access to common cat calls.

FEATURES: 3 feline voices (upgradable to 6), 8 high quality cat calls (upgradable to 16), Samples from over 25 kitties, Software actually performs analysis on voice input, Supports all human languages (except Swahili). The soundboard contains 8 high quality cat calls to instantly command attention. Sounds include different kinds of meowing, bird sounds, mouse sounds, purring and one very angry kitty.

PetCoach – Ask a vet for free

The app helps you to connect with certified veterinarians,dog trainers,pet nutritionist and other vet related experts for free. You can ask a question about your pets health, nutrition,behavior or what you want and they will help you for free. It has a forum where you can read all the problems discussed earlier and gain through it,it also has articles written by experts which again will be of help. You can also keep record and and show it to your vet. Other than prescribing medicine the App almost does it all. If you have a pet you might find this App helpful.