Brazil Live 

​When someone mentions Brazil people usually think of carnival, the beach, sun and cocktails, Rio. Brazil is the largest country in South America and also one of the largest countries in the world. Fifth in population terms actually. This South American exotic country is unique in many respects. For example, some quite beautiful and one of a kind animals live there such as macaw parrots. The plummage of this wonderful parrot has apparently served as an inspiration for carnival costumes. Beautiful women dancing around with feathers the color of most beautiful parrot. Who wouldn’t like to see the carnival in Rio. Besides carnival, Brasil is famous for its soccer team that has won the FIFA world cup successfully five times in a row. Impressive isn’t it? Go Brazil! Anyway some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Brazil. Tanned people and summer love. Delightful! Only in Brazil! Another important characteristic of Brasil is the Amazon rain forest of course. The main land characteristic of Brasil is the extensive Amazon rain forest in the north, and the hilly and low mountainous region in the south. Brasil contains almost 60% of the Amazon rain forest. Some of the biggest animals in animal kingdom live there, like anakonda. An astounding 4 million species of plants and animals exist in Brasil, and not only that, there are even more species being discovered every day. Among the different interesting facts about Brasil, is the fact that this country has the second highest Christian population in the world. It is also one of the largest Roman Catholic countries. A 130 feet tall statue, Christ the Redeemer is not only a monument that symbolizes Brasil, but is also among the seven wonders of contemporary times.  

If you have always wanted to visit “Rio de Janeiro” and enjoy the astonishing beauty of this magnificent city from the front row this app could had helped but I didn’t like the quality of its pictures. There aren’t lot many options too. I won’t recommend it but then it’s for you to decide…. I still love brasil.