Top 5 Apps for Hairstyle

1. 100 Easy Hairstyles 

Easy Hairstyles step by step is an application which gives you reference and inspiration by seeing 100 photos gallery of easy quick hairstyles tutorial. From simple waves to complicated buns, having long hair can do just that. The App has Easy Updos for Long Hair, Easy Braids to Do Yourself,Easy Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair,Fast and Easy Hairstyles,Easy Braids for Long Hair,2016 Long Haircuts for Women,Easy Braided Hairstyles.
2.Easy Little Girl Hairstyles 

Easy Little Girl Hairstyles, braids, ponytails, french braiding, plaits, twists, buns. Pictures, ideas, tips, hairdos, step by step instructions. creativity and be inspired by some of these cute, hip and totally wearable hairstyles for little girls. Customize the looks to make them your own and make your little girl the coolest on the playground.
3. 50 Cute Hairstyles 

Simple App with different designs and step by step pictures to help you withyour hair.


The App helps you to do braids step by step instructions to make it easy to replicate professional level styles at home. From a Dutch Braided Headband to a Triple Fishtail Braid, French twists and lots more. Featuring easy to follow instructions and helpful tips from popular beauty and fashion expert, easy to make braids tutorials. Braids seem to be in trend all the time and they never go out of fashion this App shows you how to create one of a kind hairstyles without ever stepping inside an expensive salon including how to prep your hair, master traditional techniques, and enhance your look with fun accessories.
5. Hair Styles 2016

The App helps to know the new trends of 2016 and teaches you to do it. The stylesare not that different so nothing much to offer here.

Professional Hair styles 

By far the best app I have seen in the category of hair styles. The app has been made by professionals. The app is divided in three parts,video of hair styles by professionals,pictures of step by step tutorial and hair design ideas by professionals(four).

The videos are of no use as its only of 15 seconds but you get to see lot of designs. The pictures of step by step tutorials are good. They have lot of designs and the pictures can be enlarged. The app is designed for phones so on tab the quality might suffer.The pictures are of all right quality,the last one is design pictures by professionals for you to get inspired and make something good out of your hair. The app is very easy to navigate and does not require lot of permission for downloading. Adds are on the sidebar and minimal. Try this app girls,it’s better than most of the reviews I have written by far.Please leave a note if it was of use. Thanks.

lease do leave a comment if my reviews were of any help.thanks.

PONY Hairstyles Step VIDEOs

This is nice and very comprehensive App. It has lot of styles and only on videos. The videos are in YouTube but you can’t move the it backwards or forward,just the pause button works. The videos are nice and they show how to make different types of ponytails. Quality of videos are ok,they have been mostly prepared by non professional. The videos are not made by app people but are there in public domain it has just collected all to put it up for show in one place. The app is simple,it is divided in two parts,latest videos and catagory. There are six category each with lot of designs. I think girls will like it,try it if you do please leave a comment.

Perfect Braid Hairdresser 

Perfect Braid Hairdresser is a game where not only you get to play online but you learn to do it in real life too. Interesting game,you get to comb the hair make braids and make you hair look beautiful. Making braids for me is an art,how you manage your hair does say a lot of things about your personality. Being a bald does make the art of braiding more fascinating to me. The game makes the art of braiding simple,the controls are not good and lags the speed but you can do it. It will take you couple of stokes to master it.There are only six design to play and learn,there is only one hair color,the graphics are OK and music is OK too. Advertising is not that disturbing. So girls for a change you can go for the art of braiding.

Hair Growth Tips

  • The app like every other is full of promises and hope. I don’t know how much is right but it says faster hair growth with homemade solutions from oil,fruits, eggs and more. I being a born bald don’t care much but got interested as my girlfriend has very long hair and she doesn’t let anyone touch it even.she wants it to grow it longer so just checking it out but it seems nothing comes for free. They have 21 tips for free that includes sleeping on silk pillows so that your hair doesn’t damage. Most of the other remedies we must all be knowing but no harm in checking it out.


This is a much better app than the earlier one I wrote about but still, has problems with it. The app is divided into four sections hairstyle, manicure, makeup and your_style. Manicure and makeup are alright but hairstyle pictures are hazy though you can make out the steps. The app has been developed by a Russian so the writing has some grammatical mistakes. Sometime Russian is added to the sentence. The good part of app is that it has really looked into details,the step by step pictures is helpful (quality of pictures dampen the mood). I would say you can take a peek. 

50 Cute Hairstyles

The app is not good,hurriedly put up with lot of advertising. It has taken assorted picture from different sites and put up an app. The step by step pictures can’t be zoomed in. The only good thing I guess is the number of hairstyle at one place. Hold on ladies while I try to find a better one with more styles.