Best Sniper Game – LONEWOLF

LONEWOLF is an intense game with moral conflicts. Your mental-noise has calmed down. It’s just you and your weapon.

The story unfolds..Get immersed in a deep Neo-Noir story driven sniper adventure game. You step into the role of a mysterious assassin. His motives – a secret. You did what had to be done to enter the ‘Assembly’, a criminal organization. Who is this man? What happened? Soon you’ll realize that there’s more to him than meets the eye. The mesmerizing atmosphere and thrilling story will glue you to your device. While you work for the ‘Assembly’ you’ll get your hands on various weapons. Sniper Rifles, Assault rifles, Pistols, Bombs and even your bare hands. There’s more than 20 Weapons to unlock, upgrade and collect.

 5+ Hours Story Mode, 30 Missions, Hand Drawn Cutscenes, More than 20 Weapons, Realistic Weapon Sound and Recoil, A Dozen Mini-games, Several shooting Ranges, Trophy Room with more than 40 trophies.

Possibly the best sniper game with a storyline. This game is not for kids.