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Beautiful and unique wallpapers, very easy to use. Sift through hundreds of original wallpapers hand crafted. Enjoy exclusive walls designed specifically for your devices. You won’t find these backgrounds in any other app. Join in on the action and upload wallpapers yourself. Share your own pieces of work or photography. Only high quality original submissions will be approved for the Community tab. 

Wall of the Day, Come back every day for a new treat. This is where they showcase newly created backdrops, or just some of favorites. Contact developers if you want your own original work in the spotlight.

Premium Collections: Unlock bonus collections to gain access to even more original designs. These collections will be updated along with the Explore section. 

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Going Pro unlocks extra features, including a completely ad-free experience, and the ability to save ‘Explore’ wallpapers. This also unlocks the Pro Pack which is a collection of exclusive backgrounds that we’ll continuously be updating with new designs. Access to future Pro features are also covered.

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Hair Growth Tips

  • The app like every other is full of promises and hope. I don’t know how much is right but it says faster hair growth with homemade solutions from oil,fruits, eggs and more. I being a born bald don’t care much but got interested as my girlfriend has very long hair and she doesn’t let anyone touch it even.she wants it to grow it longer so just checking it out but it seems nothing comes for free. They have 21 tips for free that includes sleeping on silk pillows so that your hair doesn’t damage. Most of the other remedies we must all be knowing but no harm in checking it out.

50 Cute Hairstyles

The app is not good,hurriedly put up with lot of advertising. It has taken assorted picture from different sites and put up an app. The step by step pictures can’t be zoomed in. The only good thing I guess is the number of hairstyle at one place. Hold on ladies while I try to find a better one with more styles.

Hanuman Chalisa,Bhajan Audio

 Hanuman also known as Bajrangbali, is a Hindu god and a devotee of the god Ram. He is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic RamayanHanuman participated in Rama’s war against the demon king Ravan. He is the son of Anjani and Kesari, and is also described as the son of the wind-god Pawan, who according to several stories, played a role in his birth. His face resembles that of Monkey on a human body. He is a very friendly god and his prayers are a way of asking his help.

The app is simple plays his arti,bhajan,Rama raksha stotra,his 108 names and Hanuman chalisa in hindi. Easy and without any hassle plays on. The singer is not very good, I am still searching for bhajans with good singer,in the mean time enjoy this.