Top 5 Apps for Baby Food Recipe 

5.Baby Food Recipes

The App has more than 30 baby food recipes to help mothers to make their own babies meal.

4.Baby Food Recipes

The App has homemade recipes for baby food and contains Avocado, banana, Apple,sweet potato,chicken,baby cereal and lot of puree.

3.Baby Food Recipe

Food recipes for baby which has been dividend according to age group of 6 to 8 months, 8 to 10 months, 10 to 12 months, 12 to 20 months and every category contains four sub categories fruit,vegetables, protein and nutrition. The App has more than 300 recipes. 

2.Baby solid food

The App discusses baby food in detail with diversification table,over 100 recipes, pediatrician review for all allowed ages,possibility to recipes and articles. 

1.100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite

The App contains in depth information about baby food and recipes and also about babies and how to feed them and what to expect from babies. It helps in getting answer to most of the commonly asked questions. 

Top 5 Apps for Baby Health

5. KidNurture                      

By using the App you can not only get informed regarding age specific important activities to observe but can also analyze on your own to get important pointers which you must raise in front of your doctor. Through this systematic observation you can have a very informed discussion with your doctor, bring any problem in time to the notice of your child’s doctor and together you can provide a better and healthy future to your kid.

4. Baby health graph

The App monitors feeding, sleeping, toilet and other parameters of your baby’s development. Supports multiple modes of reminders, helps parents and nannies in time to carry out all the necessary procedures. In addition, you can keep a diary of a child, add photos, record your voice and send it all to your friends.
3.FirstStep Baby Health

FirstStep is a child health management tool for parents who want to keep track of the most important aspects of their baby’s health and well being. The app helps parents record, track and monitor immunizations, growth and development. It also helps in keeping memories of first movement,emotional,cognitive and communication,pictures and videos. 

2.Babygogo Parenting & Baby Care

As your child grows, baby food recipes & nutrition requirement for development becomes even more challenging. Babygogo aims to help you during this time. It brings together child health experts and experienced parents, to help new parents. With babycare app you can ask your questions for free on all important aspects be it pregnancy, maternity, mothercare, childbirth, breastfeeding, childcare, vaccinations etc. You can also read articles on various subjects like child psychology, food recipes, home remedies, potty training, baby nutrition etc. 
1.Parenting tips on baby care

The App understands the importance of raising a child (0-8 years). To help you with this pleasurable yet challenging phase, it brings together key influencers of baby care & child development in community to guide parents with personalized & timely advice on baby care, child growth, parenting tips, baby health, brain development activities, social awareness, nutritious baby food recipes from the day the baby is born till up to 8 years on your overall child development.Parentlane is a free parenting app designed to keep it simple and personal for new age parents to comfortably engage with children you care, your close friends and family in mind. Build your trusted intimate network to help you guide, engage and enjoy all moments during baby care and child development.