Autism Test

Impaired social interaction, restricted and repetitive behavior are some of the characteristics of Autism. The App with simple questions tries to find out the chances of you being Autistic. The App is very simple and it guides you through a series of simple statements like do you feel uncomfortable in open spaces,do you feel that you need to make small talks,do you feel uncomfortable in certain materials of clothes,you can either agree or disagree or say sometimes. The App is very lite and doesn’t require any special permission. The App is for educational purpose only. It doesn’t provide medical advice. 

Animals Puzzle for Kids

The App helps kids to develop tactical and fine motors kills by solving the puzzles. They need to match the pieces of an animal and then get to learn the animals name and the sounds animals make. 100 different animals to choose from and the graphic,pronunciations and music are good. It’s good for toddlers and preschool kids including those with autism. The app supports 30 languages. It is really a fun way to learn the names of animals and increase their memory. No special permission for app and the advertising is not a big hassle.