The App offers a different way of reading notifications and also to reply them. The App is helpful when you don’t want to close the work you are doing but still want to quickly reply to a message in notification. It helps you by receiving the notification and opening it in a small bubble. You can open the pop up bubble and reply to messages without quitting the current App. It supports almost all important Apps like WhatsApp,Telegram, Line,Skype, Gmail,Google Messenger, Facebook and many more. Custom colors and bubble size can be purchased if you want changes.


Material Islands 

This App is a live wallpaper which focuses on minimalism,material design and beautiful shapes and colours. Simple figures and forms are combined in order to create islands of different kinds and each changes appearance according to time. Remember this being a live wallpaper your RAM usage will be high and battery drainage will also be a problem. These days lot of focus is on minimalistic art and lot of App coming up with it. The artwork here is enjoyable and useful as a watch.


Jetpack Joyride

  • This is fun. The game is high paced and very addictive,so addictive that every time I wanted to take a screen shot I forgot it.The character Barry breaks into a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers. After lift-off, simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend, raining bullets, bubbles, rainbows and lasers downwards as you fly towards higher scores.You’ll start off with the Machine Gun Jetpack to scatter the evil scientists of Legitimate Research, but throughout each game you’ll collect coins and complete missions to earn cash and buy new gear in the store. You can pick your favorite jetpack, outfit and stock up on items. You get a boost of speed and power using the Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter(vehicles).
  • It’s really good,try it.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

​The app is for working on your abs. It has lifelike avatars, Daniel and Angie,to guide you in more than 50 tutorial videos to help you get the flat stomach, core strength and overall fitness. Male and female avatars take you through a variety of core exercises step by step. You can adjust difficulty, there are three levels of training. The app is compatible with Chromecast,so you can cast all the exercise videos to your PC or TV screen via Chromecast. Its a 10 week plan,predefined workouts, including the 7 minute workout, Insanity, Shape Up etc are there, no gym equipment is required.Improve overall fitness, muscle strength,toning, stability and weight management. You can share fitness accomplishments, photos on Facebook .Users are encouraged to upload all activities to its website.Some app features are only available in full version. The excercises include Classic sit-ups,Cross-body crunch,Oblique crunch,Planks,Mountain climbers,Hip drops,Leg raises,Core twist,Side bridge,sit up variations. You can also play music but then you will have to download it’s music player. Nothing special in the app but if you need one for your abs it’s ok.


​This is a mobile virtual makeover application.Makeup is an app that takes virtual makeovers to a new level with  cosmetics colors, makeup simulation, and makeover effects.  You can try thousands of cosmetics colors and shades. You can also try on over 40 different celebrity hairstyles and add accessories like sunglasses, earrings, jewels.First,take a photo or choose a photo from the gallery.  Then choose your favorite makeup products from database.  Once you have found the perfect color combination, save it to your gallery and share with your friends.You can even use it as a new display photo on your favorite social networks.  The cosmetics products you have tried on will be saved for your convenience.  It’s like a virtual makeup artist in your pocket. The layout is simple and it’s fun to do it. I liked the app and they way it handles the pictures.

Zyptonite P2P Chat (Unreleased)

The app is for free global calling and video chats through a decentralized peer to peer platform (P2P) without storing communiction on a server. The idea of not having server to connect sounds good as it provides more privacy. It also means no latency associated with server routing,which will lead to better calls and videos. It promises better call quality even in areas where the Internet speed is patchy. It’s still unreleased and in the process of development. It now offers calling and multiparty conferencing with video,audio and text.I was not able to test it as I didn’t find any of my friends using it but the idea and concept looks  promising.

Keeper : Free Password Manager

The app is really helpful in the Age Of cyberworld.Keeper is the secure password manager and digital vault for businesses and individuals. It protects and manage your passwords, documents, private photos and other secret information with security, right from your Android device. It says it stores password and other things like pictures, videos with AES-256 and PBKDF2 (of which I don’t have any idea). The layout is simple,you have a master password and then the there’s the vault. You can add lot of features like SMS,fingerprint scan etc. You can also sync instantly between devices,computers and browser.Everything is good and useful but what I don’t get it is they charge you and there are lot of other apps which don’t and uses the same technology. Why is it in editor’s choice? Is it because it’s been in market for long or do they bigger share of income to Google? Overall great app for everyone but it comes with a price.