Crazy Coaster: Rainbow Road (Unreleased) 

This game features in early access of Google play store. It is unreleased but the game works fine. A simple but cute game with great music and control to kill time. You ride a roller coaster and you just need to apply brakes by tapping so that you don’t fly off. The more distance you cover the more points you get and unlock more levels. Beautiful graphics and fun to play. Kids will love the animated sounds and the characters. For adults it will bring a smile but you will hate yourself when because of you the train gets smashed. Enjoy.

Best theme for Samsung S7 edge

Released on 14 September 2016 the app gives a unique look to your Android phone. This theme for S7 edge is clean design free theme which includes dozens of unified HD icons, HD wallpapers to help you in personalizing your device. New theme wallpapers are added everyday. – live video streaming

 The famous App for Android is out and within one month has more than a million download. The App helps in live video streaming created by The App is very easy to use and with it you can broadcast live videos to your fan and friends. The community is a big one and growing very fast so you can make lot of fans and engage with them in real time.


The App is similar to Stream(reviewed earlier). It helps you to watch YouTube while working on other things. With flytube or Stream the YouTube is opened in a pop up window and you can do your work while listening to music or watching videos. Great concept  but flytube has still lot of bugs and needs to be fixed. Stream is much better and still my choice.