Universal Copy

The App does amazing work of copying the text from almost all places where your normal long press does not work. You can copy text from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, News Republic and many more places. It’s simple to use after installing,activate the universal copy accessibility by going to settings and then accessibility, now go to any app you want to copy text from,open the notification drawer activate universal copy and tap the text you want to copy,it will be highlighted in blue. You might need to change some settings in your Samsung phone. The tapping might take some practice but the App works fine.

minube:travel planner & guide 

For three years in a row holding the position of Google’s best 50 Apps of year and fourth year in having a place in editor’s choice minube has proved it’s point. minube is travel planning App and travel organizer that let’s you find vacation ideas, save favorite places in the list and create your own itinerary and tourist guide. You can also find interesting places in your own country and save the things you like for offline use. The App helps you even make an album after your trip is done with date and place recognition. It has lists like best places to eat,best castle,best places to visit before you die. Lot of recommendations from real travelers. You get to Choose places suggested by location,color, food,family,time,distance and much more. Great app to discover places even if you are not going for holiday. You will get lost in the app and it’s beautiful settings.  


​This is a mobile virtual makeover application.Makeup is an app that takes virtual makeovers to a new level with  cosmetics colors, makeup simulation, and makeover effects.  You can try thousands of cosmetics colors and shades. You can also try on over 40 different celebrity hairstyles and add accessories like sunglasses, earrings, jewels.First,take a photo or choose a photo from the gallery.  Then choose your favorite makeup products from database.  Once you have found the perfect color combination, save it to your gallery and share with your friends.You can even use it as a new display photo on your favorite social networks.  The cosmetics products you have tried on will be saved for your convenience.  It’s like a virtual makeup artist in your pocket. The layout is simple and it’s fun to do it. I liked the app and they way it handles the pictures.

Wallpapers for Me

The app is simple and nice. You can choose from Abstract, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Animals, Sports, Nature, 3D, Holidays, Minimal, Cities – you will find everything from funny photos and cute wallpapers to minimalistic and abstract pictures.you get a picture ideal for your device parameters to enjoy flawless HD and QHD quality. create a look for both your Home & Lock Screen with just one tap. A tab to browse new arrivals or take a look at popular choices in the Popular tab.easy to download wallpapers are available in a tap..Daily content updates for choice images.Special holiday and seasonal content renewal. The only flaw was you can’t shift the app to your SD card. Try it,I liked this one


Origami Master (Paper Folding)

​Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. “ori” meaning “folding”, and “kami” meaning “paper” (kami changes to gami) The goal of is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. Modern origami practitioners generally discourage the use of cuts, glue or makings on the paper . It’s said that origami has many benefits like developing eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, patience, temporal spatial skills, math reasoning. 

The app takes you to YouTube for step by step video. Nice app to teach kids and adult to indulge in this art.

Free music for YouTube: Stream

One of the best apps I saw today. It’s amazing how the app can transform searching for your best songs into something so simple and you can play it anytime doing anything without opening YouTube. It’s divided into three categories 

1.Top charts:search for YouTube music videos

2.Discover:4 channels of radio and different genres

3.My Music:choose your favourite and let it play.

The pop up goes on streaming your video and music,if you have not choose any favourite or list you want it will play something in line with the last played genre. Beautiful app,you will love it

Google Arts & Culture

After you see this you will fall in love with Google again. This app shows how Google is the best. The app is so esthetically made that you will just go on exploring every detail of it. Architecture, space,pop diva,legends,fashion,food in medieval times you name it and it has either painting or pictures for you. If you get bored take a virtual tour of museums, temples. It makes you just go on and on. I loved this app…….masterpiece. …an art.

Top 100 Paintings

The concept of app is nice,layout is also simple but the app needs bugs fixed. The app shows you 100 famous paintings with the theme and information about painters. You choose paintings from left panel and read first the theme then swipe right to see it full screen which has zoom in and out facility and then about the painter. You can choose different languages. The only problem is full screen gets frozen lot of times and takes some time to change pictures. Nice way of knowing art and getting informed about it. If you’re a lover of art and want to know some famous painters and their work go for it but keeping in mind about bugs.