Learning Earthquake Safety Tips


A beautiful and fun filled educational app about earthquake and how to be prepared for it without panicking. You never know when an earthquake will strike that’s why we all have to be prepared to our fullest in case of emergency. “Earthquake Safety Tips”  illustrates how you and your children should react when an earthquake hits. The content of this game has been evaluated by earthquake specialists. You can experience earthquakes in the comfort of your own house but play through the game in real-life settings. An earthquake may strike when you are at home, in school, in a supermarket, and on the street. Prepare yourself in all four settings. The app is simple.

Safety tips to remember:

1.Pack up an emergency backpack with necessities.

2.Hide in the solid zone indoor and run toward an open area outdoors.

3.Protect your head and cover your nose and mouth at all times.

4.Self protection may vary in different situations.

5.Stay calm and be brave.

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7 thoughts on “Learning Earthquake Safety Tips”

    1. I don’t know about scary but it surely doesn’t feel right. Last i experienced was earthquake of 7 and it was difficult for me to stand or walk. The aftermath is bad too as you will always feel that you experienced a tremor and this happens for months.

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