Food Street – Restaurant Game

Beatiful graphics and concept of this game will keep all those people hooked who like to cook, serve and manage a restaurant, the best part is all the ingredients you will be growing and producing yourself, so you have a farm as well as a restaurant. 

Restaurant management at your own schedule. Design a restaurant city starting with your own. Enjoy the freedom to create your restaurant to your specifications. Get special event boosts by participating in cooking games to improve the status of your restaurant. Restaurant pets are here! Build a pet house and adopt dogs, horses, pigs and more. Design your restaurant staff and workspace by purchasing decor and stylish uniforms. Decorations can be purchased to give your restaurant your own personal touch. Decorations and designs available for all kinds of special events. Become the chef and cook for all of your hungry customers. Cooking games let you cook food with 3D graphics. Cooking done simply and comfortably on your own schedule. Cook Food with ingredients that you farm from your own personal farm. Collaborate in Food Clubs and compete in friendly competitions with other restaurant owners. Cooking Games available in Food Clubs where you and your friends trade ingredients and cook together.

Food Street is the ultimate restaurant management experience for any fan of baking, management or cooking games.

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