Donald Trump Soundboard

The Donald Trump soundboard is here. This soundboard contains more than 130 of Donald Trumps popular phrases. The quality of sound is very good. A must have for every fan or hater of Donald Trump.


 140+ Phrases, Customize your favorite phrase, Set phrase as ringtone, Set phrase as notification sound, Play random Donald Trump sounds


 “I will build a great great wall”

  “I’m really rich”

 “I have a great great company”

 “I am officially running for president of the United States”

 “We will make America great again”

 “The stamina”

 “You’re fired”

 “A small loan of 1 million Dollars”


This Donald Trump soundboard is a must have for every Trump fan or hater. Have fun.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

17 thoughts on “Donald Trump Soundboard”

      1. hahaha! omg imagine when it goes off in a crowded store I would die laughing! You never know who would laugh or hate you for it! Just hysterical!

        Liked by 1 person

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