Nick Jr. – Shows & Games 

The App is for preschoolers so that they can enjoy their favorite shows. Main features of the App are :


Watch recently aired Nick Jr. episodes for free. Nick Jr. channel subscribers can access hundreds of additional full episodes by signing in with their TV provider.

Find educational clips and entertaining exclusive videos that are sure to get your kids learning and laughing!

Keep kids entertained with educational games and alphabet buttons that deliver silly surprises.

Audio instructions and easy-to-use swiping and tapping allow pre-K kids to explore and discover videos, games, and more. – live video streaming

 The famous App for Android is out and within one month has more than a million download. The App helps in live video streaming created by The App is very easy to use and with it you can broadcast live videos to your fan and friends. The community is a big one and growing very fast so you can make lot of fans and engage with them in real time.

Top 5 Apps for Durga Puja

Durga is a popular fierce form the Hindu Goddess. She is known for battling and killing demons.


Mahalaya marks the start of the ‘Devi-paksha’ and the end of the ‘Pitri-paksha’. The traditional six day countdown to Mahasaptami starts from Mahalaya. Goddess Durga visits the earth for only four days but seven days prior to the Pujas, starts the Mahalaya. The enchanting voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra fills up the predawn hours of the day thus marking the beginning of ‘Devipaksha’ and the beginning of the count-down to Durga Puja.
2. Durga Saptashati

The App contains Durga chandika Dhyanam, Durga devyah kavcham, Durga argala stotram, Durga keelak Stotram,  Following Adhayays of Durga Saptashati pratham charitram, madhyam charitram, tratiyo adhyay, chaturtho adhyay, uttam charitam / panchamo addhyay, shashtho adhyay, saptamo adhyay, ashtamo adhyay, navamo adhyaya, dashmo adhyay, ekadasho adhyay, dwadasho adhyay, trayodasho adhyay, devi suktam, pradhanikam rahasyam, sapta shloki durga, durgashtotar shatnam stotram, vedoktam ratri suktam, tantroktam ratri suktam, rigvedokta devi suktam, tantroktam devi suktam, vaikratikam rahasyam, murti rahasyam, siddha kunjika stotram, kshama prarthana, devya pradhsamapan stotram, durga sahasranamavali,  mahishasur mardini stotram, annapurna stotram, Durga Chalisa, Durga Aarti, Durga Mantra in easy to read fonts and without internet.

3. Durga Bhajan – Mantra

The App contains Maa Durga bhajans, YouTube videos and wallpapers. 
4.Mangaldeep Puja,Bhajan,Mantra

The App has detailed information about how to do various pujas,significance, material required and the entire process. It has Shiv puja,Lakshmi,durga,hanuman,nag panchmi,ganesh chathurthi, aadi krithigai and lots more. It has devotional songs to stream and download.  Mantra for different pujas,chant counter and panchang calender,temple locator and lots more for puja related things.

5. Durga Puja Pandal Hopper

The App has pictures,location and rating for each Durga puja pandal in Kolkata. It helps you in building a wishlist of pandals to visit.

Ryder Cup 2016 app

The App helps you in following the 2016 Ryder Cup. This is the official 2016 Ryder Cup App. Watch live video, follow your favorite team and get hole by hole scoring from Hazeltine National Golf Club, Sep 27 to Oct 2, 2016. Brought to you by The PGA of America, European Tour and Turner Sports. Watch LIVE video or listen to Live radio, complete with real time commentary from players and analysts. Follow along with LIVE scoring tee times and details for all 28 matches. Read Minute by Minute blog for LIVE updates, highlights, and social at the tournament view. See the beauty of Hazeltine with exclusive Hazeltine Explorer powered by Google Trekker. Consume all of the latest Ryder Cup content include video highlights, feature articles and galleries.Get the Alerts that matter most to you including Breaking News, Score and Match, Video Highlights and Roar (alerts for moments that draw the largest roars from the course).For Spectators on course, enhance your experience with new Wayfinder digital map experience, Course Cam with exclusive keepsake opportunity, digital event guide, specialized alert suite and more

Top 3 Apps for Baby Monitor 

1.Baby Monitor 

The App requires two phone and helps you to detect if baby cries and notifies you via regular call,Skype or sms message. The App has no ads,you can add multiple contacts or call or sms,continuous monitoring even when the screen is off,call or message when the battery is low. It does not require WiFi or mobile data if not using Skype. 

2.Baby Monitor 

The baby monitor allows you to hear and view your baby from anywhere with Internet connection. The main features are continuous audio and video from baby to parents,adjustable audio volume and microphone setting, notification on loud audio,works with WiFi,3G,LTE,GPRS etc,battery charge indicator. 

3.Baby Monitor AV

This App works on almost all operating systems,helps you to monitor baby’s behavior using phone/pad or any computer. The app detects devices on your WiFi network and will find each other and can connect upto 4 devices. The app is ad free but the upgraded version costs money. 

Baby Monitor Hipbaby

Top 5 Apps for Baby Sleep

5.Baby Sleep sounds FREE

The App simply plays the sound of washing machine, hair dryer, vaccum cleaner, rain,ocean waves,forest,birds,plane interior, heartbeat,car interior, train interior. The sounds are little loud for a baby.

4.Baby Dream box Sleeping Sound 

The App has simplified the sounds by categorizing the sounds into different categories  Household sounds(shower,vacuum cleaner etc.),nature sounds and Travelling sound,lullabies,colored noise. There’s also an option of recording your own sound. The free version has a welcome screen which unlocks after 4 seconds.

3.White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

The App also has all the sounds and the sound quality is little better than other Apps.

2.Baby Sleep Lullaby

The App has beautiful lullabies and it’s very soothing. You can choose the music,time,set volume and it is very simple to use. The quality of music is good.

1.Baby Sleep Instant 

The App takes in consideration that babies are used to hearing the sounds in womb are a little different so the sounds are adapted like that. The sound quality is very good and has all the sounds which babies like most or are used to hearing. You can also record your own lullabies or sound.

Top 5 Apps for Baby Food Recipe 

5.Baby Food Recipes

The App has more than 30 baby food recipes to help mothers to make their own babies meal.

4.Baby Food Recipes

The App has homemade recipes for baby food and contains Avocado, banana, Apple,sweet potato,chicken,baby cereal and lot of puree.

3.Baby Food Recipe

Food recipes for baby which has been dividend according to age group of 6 to 8 months, 8 to 10 months, 10 to 12 months, 12 to 20 months and every category contains four sub categories fruit,vegetables, protein and nutrition. The App has more than 300 recipes. 

2.Baby solid food

The App discusses baby food in detail with diversification table,over 100 recipes, pediatrician review for all allowed ages,possibility to recipes and articles. 

1.100+ Baby Food Recipe Lite

The App contains in depth information about baby food and recipes and also about babies and how to feed them and what to expect from babies. It helps in getting answer to most of the commonly asked questions. 

Top 5 Apps for Baby Health

5. KidNurture                      

By using the App you can not only get informed regarding age specific important activities to observe but can also analyze on your own to get important pointers which you must raise in front of your doctor. Through this systematic observation you can have a very informed discussion with your doctor, bring any problem in time to the notice of your child’s doctor and together you can provide a better and healthy future to your kid.

4. Baby health graph

The App monitors feeding, sleeping, toilet and other parameters of your baby’s development. Supports multiple modes of reminders, helps parents and nannies in time to carry out all the necessary procedures. In addition, you can keep a diary of a child, add photos, record your voice and send it all to your friends.
3.FirstStep Baby Health

FirstStep is a child health management tool for parents who want to keep track of the most important aspects of their baby’s health and well being. The app helps parents record, track and monitor immunizations, growth and development. It also helps in keeping memories of first movement,emotional,cognitive and communication,pictures and videos. 

2.Babygogo Parenting & Baby Care

As your child grows, baby food recipes & nutrition requirement for development becomes even more challenging. Babygogo aims to help you during this time. It brings together child health experts and experienced parents, to help new parents. With babycare app you can ask your questions for free on all important aspects be it pregnancy, maternity, mothercare, childbirth, breastfeeding, childcare, vaccinations etc. You can also read articles on various subjects like child psychology, food recipes, home remedies, potty training, baby nutrition etc. 
1.Parenting tips on baby care

The App understands the importance of raising a child (0-8 years). To help you with this pleasurable yet challenging phase, it brings together key influencers of baby care & child development in community to guide parents with personalized & timely advice on baby care, child growth, parenting tips, baby health, brain development activities, social awareness, nutritious baby food recipes from the day the baby is born till up to 8 years on your overall child development.Parentlane is a free parenting app designed to keep it simple and personal for new age parents to comfortably engage with children you care, your close friends and family in mind. Build your trusted intimate network to help you guide, engage and enjoy all moments during baby care and child development.