Top 3 Apps for Bikini Fashion Style Ideas

A bikini is usually a women’s abbreviated two-piece swimsuit with a bra top for the chest and panties cut below the navel. The basic design is simple: two triangles of fabric on top cover the woman’s breasts and two triangles of fabric on the bottom cover the groin in front and the buttocks in back. The size of a bikini bottom can range from full pelvic coverage to a revealing thong or G-string design.

For most of us, bikini season can be challenging. Factors to consider when deciding on a bikini include where to shop, when to get the best deals and which style is best for your body type. It is also important to think about your summer plans when choosing a certain style of swimsuit. For example, if you are very active and will be spending the summer backpacking and hiking, a durable, full-coverage suit might be the best choice. However, if your priorities consist of lounging with friends, drinking lemonade and sunning yourself, a thong bikini may be a better option.

Many women are now choosing combinations of bathing suits and bikinis. You can wear a halter or tank top style as the top half of your suit while wearing a bikini bottom for the bottom half and get the fun look of a bikini with the coverage of a bathing suit. You can also accessorize with colorful cover-ups which add elegance and style to your look. Whichever you choose, have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen. Besides, the other type of bikinis are:

The micro bikini. The Micro Bikini is pretty self explanatory, it is a very small bikini intended to give an extremely low coverage look. They usually consist of a string type of bikini with a thong style bottom and a triangle cup top with a string tie at the back, when worn properly the micro bikini can be a very impressive look! They are for the braver women who don’t mind trying a new daring fashion style, but they are now widely accepted and it would fine to wear when sunbathing in your garden at home or on your favourite beach.

 Babe triangle breads. This triangle top lives up to its name with flirty crochet accents and beaded ties.

Finally for the really outgoing were going to mention the thong or g string bikini. Take note, the thong and g string bikini were originally designed for the woman that had hips. It not only draws attention away from the hip area, but in most cases it completely eliminates the traditional wider hip appearance and gives a more balanced look.

It’s all about purchasing the right bikini bottom and the correct top to balance out your body type.

The Apps here with hundreds of pictures will help you choose the best.



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