Top 3 Apps for Alarm 

Now getting up in morning will be fun with these Alarm apps


It’s not just an alarm clock. It’s a unique alarm app. Noisy alarm, quiet alarm, game alarm, video alarm, voice alarm, idol band alarm… all are here. Even if you fall fast asleep, it goes off until the battery runs out. Your own celebrity alarm: WINNER, VIXX, Lovelyz, OH MY GIRL and other kpop stars will be there for you in the morning. Various alarm types: Various character alarms including Tiny Farm and Adventure Time, Celebrity and idol band alarms to be released, noisy. When you need timer, Exact alarm app. Today’s news alarm which starts off your day meaningful, Weather broadcast alarm which lets you know today’s weather. Record alarm history to keep in track of wake-up time and sleep habits


To turn off the alarm

1. Shake off: Shake-it. 

2. Scream off: For people who are Potential singers or like shouting. 

3. Touch off: But not a simple touch, You need to continuously tap your screen hard.

4.Random mode: Wake up every morning with a new way.


1. The day’s Weather & News : check the news and weather of the day.

2. choosing your alarm sounds : favorite songs

3. Alram Message : If you can not turn off the alarm within the set time, try specifying a friend who can wake up instead. App will send a text to a friend asking a wake-up call when you can not wake up by alram.


The main idea: “Wake up with the first rooster crow”. Be close to nature.

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